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Fun...but i threw up

hi my name is jack and im about 160 pounds.

hi my name is jack and im about 160 pounds... i woke up and ate my shrooms at 9 in the morning they were 4 grams dry and i drank some orange juice because i heard vitamin c inhances the effect...i started with watching a movie.It took about 40 mins to start feelin it then it just shot up quickly i was doing alright then all of a sudden i had to randomly throw up (lucky there was a trash can right next to me) That was probally worse part of my trip.. i had a drunk kinda feelin and colors seemed very instense and stuff looked like it was melting.around 11 i walked to my friends house, it seemed as if i were walkin 4 a hour when it was only a couple of minutes. when i got there i paced back and forth lookin 4 something to do because i couldnt watch tv... he was like wtf are u doing... and he wanted to go to the store, and on the way there i seen some car drivin down the street in reverse going about 40 mphs..it was so random .. we got to the store and got some more orange juice bc my friend want to make some screwdrivers.when we got back to his house we started to drink. i didnt have alot only 2 drinks just in case.when i was in the middle of sippin on my drink i all of a sudden started laughing and i sprayed my friend in the face with the drink in my mouth..it was funny. after that i wanted to just watchin some mtv2 and some of the vidoes playin really fucked with me..after my friend started talkin to me about what happend last time he shroomed..dont know what he said bc i couldnt pay attention to him lol. just talked 4 the rest of the time....overall my trip was very fun besides when i threw up..i was constantly laughing at absolutly nothing thats always fun....breathin seemed diffrent every once in a while i had to take a nice deep breath.i just kept talkin jiberish about everything....VERY FUN TIME... i plan to do it again in another month or 2.... I suggest everyone should try shrooms once.

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