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fun with fungus

I'm from niagara falls Canada.

I'm from niagara falls Canada. and for the past few months everone around here has been dry of mushrooms. i could not find them anywhere. And every Canada day july 1st, me and my friends do them. it was about 5pm when this guy calls me up outta no where..and asks if i want some fungus. i was soo suprised that he would have some..and told him i needed 5 grams for me and one friend. so i went over to his house.and then went to one of our other freinds house..i chilled with them all night but didnt do that mushrooms. at about 12:30 i told them i was off.and went and picked up my friend that i was gunna trip with. at his house we grabed some chairs, food, and fire wood. and drove out into the country and looked for a spot to have a fire. we found one very fast at the end of a dead end street, right b side some train tracks.
As we were driving there we poped the fungus and set up out fire and smoked a joint..about 15 mins later i could feel the effects of the mushrooms. we just sat there and looked at the fire. then a train went buy. and we were freaked..we thought it would be cool to stand closer to the tracks to enjoy it more. we went for a few walks to look for more fire wood..but we forgot what we were lookin for. all i wanted was a peace of wood to crew on. then we went to sit by the fire. we just watched the fire.. all the different colours and how it moved. i felt like a was part of the fire. Then at about 2:30 i was at my peak. and we heard a noice for the farm that we werre by. we though someone was comming to break out fire up b/c it was in the middel of a road. but it must have been an animal or something.then my friend put a plastic bottle into the fire.and it blew up.and freaked me out. we put more wood on the fire to make it bigger. but a huge wood that was on the top fell off and rolled ontoo my food. i looked at it. then looked at my drink. and i picked my drink up and drank some. the fire didnt seem to bother me..my freind started laughting and put t back into the fire. the rest of the night we just sat around the fire and talked.
the morning was the best party.we watched the sun come up. and the clouds were looking like water in the sky..and rippled and outlined.
it was a very good trip. cant wait to do it agina next weekend.

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