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Fun with Five+

It was an unexpected turn of events that led me to a half ounce bag of mushrooms on my dining room table.

It was an unexpected turn of events that led me to a half ounce bag of mushrooms on my dining room table. I went up to Whistler for a ski weekend with friends and I ran into a guy I grew up with. He lived in Whistler and was living pretty much perptually high. He bought his drugs dirt cheap; mushrooms at 60$ an ounce. Naturally, I couldn't pass that up. I bought an ounce with a friend. Before this trip that I'm about to report i had only done mushrooms 3 or 4 times, dosages never exceeding 2.5 grams.
It was Sunday night when i got back from Whistler and i promised my friends i would save the bag of mushrooms for a party next weekend. As it turned out this was a complete lie. As it turned out my friends were very unhappy when they found out what I'd done.
But there wasn't much i could do; it was Sunday night and i had nothing to do and nothing planned for tommorrow. But anyways, on with the trip report.
I began munching. I had so many mushrooms that i didn't bother paying attention to how much i initally had. My best guess is 2 and half grams.
Forty-five minutes later I began to feel the effects. That's when everything became intresting. I said to myself: "What am i doing? I'm cheating myself out of a real experience here!" The still plentiful bag of mush was beckoning me and i had to answer.
I began munching more. Keep in mind i didn't have a clear mind at the time. I have no idea for sure but i think i ate at least another 3 grams.
Let me skip ahead an hour. I was never tripping like i was tripping then.
It was funny, but before stuff started to get intense, i had this conversation with a pillow on my couch. It was of course the infamous mushroom enity. I remeber it clearly. I also remeber i wasn't surprised that i was talking to a inanimate object at the time, like all the other weird shit i did that night, it seemed totally reasonable at the time. The cushion said something like : "You really have to treat me with more respect." And i answered : "Yes you're right.." I continued to brown nose. The brief conversation concluded with the pillow saying : "O.K that's good. I will show you a little something."
At the same time of this discussion, i had my 3 disc CD player on shuffle. A song from the Lost Highway soundtrack came on, it was Ramstistein. This song is pretty satanic, and everything in my living room seemed to reflect evil while this song was playing. My stereo speakers began to curve, and the stereo looked like it was sinking into the wall. I have a three stooges poster and Moe began laughing at me, and Larry was pointing.
The music sounded incredible. It was like i could hear every note in perfect clarity. Music on LSD or this level of mushrooms spoils you.
I then proceeded almost to the point of insanity. I was stumbling around my appartment. I felt like a Mexicain in a desert living a fever. Not much made sense.
I decided that I wasn't going to leave my couch again until I could get a better grip on myself. Then the phone rang. I have a portable phone and it was beside me on the couch. At first I was shocked that I didn't immediatly understand what that phone was. Then I began laughing hysterically. I was thinking in my mushroom state that a portable phone was alive and every once in a while tried to talk to you, that real people never called.
I couldn't stand the living room so i somehow traveled to my room. I remeber amazaing closed-eye visuals. They were entirelly three dimensional. There was geometric designs and configurations that seemed to stretch infintily.
I could still hear my stereo from the living room. Roger Waters came on, it was Radio Kaos. One of the songs on this CD was about prehistoric man. I would never attach my name to this so since it's anonymous I'll tell you what I did. I pretened I was a caveman. I took off all my clothes and hunted in the kitchen and made gurrural noises.
Yes, I was pretty fucked! The rest of the stuff that happened was pretty standard high dosage mushroom stuff. This kind of trip wasn't what i had expected. As it turned out, what I was thinking about and my though processes were more intensely weird and intresting then all the sensory hallucinations. While walls were melting and gnome faces materializing I was thinking about how energy can not be destroyed so it wasn't that bad that we are wreaking are planet because it would be impossible to stop it's regeneration etc etc.. Anyways I guess this is getting a bit long. So I'll just say 1-have fun tripping 2-grow your own and 3-don't plan anything for the day after a high dosage of the teacher.

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