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Fun Tripping

Date: March 5, 1999 It was a Friday night.

Date: March 5, 1999 It was a Friday night. Me and two other friends, Ben and Josh, decided that we where gonna trip, which we had planned for a week. My dose was 2g, Josh's was 1.5g, and Ben's was 3g... B+ strain BTW. We all wanted to dose up at 10:30, but Josh dosed at 9:50. When it was 10:30 we could tell that Josh was tripping hard, his pupils where dialted and he was telling us about his experience. Growing with excitement, me and Ben choked down the shrooms, they tasted horrible. Anyways, we ingested and sat down and relaxed. It was 11:15 when I first started noticing the effects. My pupils became dialated and we where all giddy and doing stupid things, like dancing all around ;) I was seeing big tracers and got visuals of things breathing and moving. The T.V. had patterns and colors of all sorts on it. At 12:15 we decided we would smoke a joint, having done this before, i knew it would increase the trip. So we went outside, it was great because it was snowing, but it was hard as hell lighting the joint. So we smoked it and went back in. I noticed things grew much more intense. Bright colors, I saw sort of a rainbow effect, patterns and tie-dye designs on the walls. The people's faces on the t.v. looked as if they where comming out of the tv, it was really neat. Then Ben started complaining of feeling really sick, so i got him some water. It almost made me have a bad trip worrying about him, but soon it got better. Basically, the rest of the night was spent joking and enjoying our trip. We finally fell asleep at 6am. I definetely want to trip again.

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