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fun in amsterdam

this august first me, my cousin and a few friends went on a vacation to amsterdam and a bunch of other countries.

this august first me, my cousin and a few friends went on a vacation to amsterdam and a bunch of other countries. Upon arriving in amsterdam we bought a bunch of bud and smoked all day, desparately searching for a Smart Shop. Then we came to a shop that sold bongs and bowls and such, it had some cool Grateful Dead shit so we walked in. Well we started talking to the clerk there and after a while he asked our age, and i said 16. He said "I'm sorry but i cant sell you any magic mushrooms then." I was like "oh shit". I didn't even know that they sold them there. So one of my friends ended up buying six boxes of THAI for about 25 guilders a piece, which is 12.50 US. Well we went back to our hotel and were smoked four bowls of hash before going to dinner. Well it turns out that our tour guide knew we were stoned as shit, he was as well. Lucky for us our teacher, (who we went there with, who is strongly against drugs and such and strictly forbid us from smoking) didn't know. Well it was about 7:30 after dinner and we went up to our room. We then started eating the mushrooms which were we and fucking huge the stems being anywhere from 6 to 10 inches long. Well i had downed about 2 - 2.5 shrooms, while smoking weed and hash like mad. It was about 8 o clock when we here boom boom boom. I was like oh shit. I opened the door and it was our teacher. i was like uh oh and put the mushroom stem that was in my hand, into my pocket. Well everyone was stoned out of their minds and our teacher came into our room and sat and talked for like a half hour to forty five minutes. I kept thinking "good thing the mushrooms aren't kicking in yet." Then i looked up at the wall and noticed a drop of paint that was there. Then it just started dripping, like it was wet and i looked away, back to my teacher, who was clueless and babbling on about getting her soap. She finally left and said goodnight. I then ate 3 more mushrooms and two of my friends left to get some beer. Well it was just me my cousin , "T", my friend J and some chick who i just met that day, who ill call F. Well we kept smoking and i went to take a piss, well it all started happening and kicking in then. I finished taking a piss. zipped up and turned and looked at the mirror. Then i was like oh shit im still pissing, it felt like it was running down my like. I looked down and there wwas nothing there i hadnt pissed. From then on everything started getting fucked up. You see i had never shroomed before and had no clue what to expect. I looked in the mirror and my eyebrows grew together and then back again. Then my teeth grew and i looked like a vampire. WEll i sat down on the bed and started feeling very sick. So i drank tons of water. The people came back from getting the beer and were like, "Mushrooms hit yet?" I was like "Oh yeah."
Well after just sitting and talking for about two hours, my cousin decided to go up to his and my room. well i thought that i'd stay there and chat and then i thought "what if i can't find my room?" so i left as well. I was looking for my shoes and kicked over a beer. and upon seeing the beer pour out i thought i had puked all over my self and felt real stupid then i felt my shirt and it was dry. WEll elevators are BIZARRE when your trippin'. All the designs started swirling and shit and i thought i was in water. Then the door opened and T and I thought we were in a video game or movie. We found our room and he couldn't figure out how to open the door. Well I took the key and tried as well, but the door kept key kept bending or the key hole would dodge the key. FInally i got it in and we opened the door. Well we were about to go to bed when i said, "Dude did you set the alarm." He was like "oh shit". He found it and we just couldnt figure it out. The time wasnt set on it yet. so i looked down at my watch but i couldnt concentrate on it long enough because my arm kept boiling and changing colors and growing and wierd shit. Well we finally were just like FUCK IT so we turned out the lights and i put my headphones on. I just chilled to the dead. But i was still real worried. Then i went to the bathroom and while pissing it felt like the sun came out and a vine grew up the wall and flowered. WEll everything was just perfect then. Untouchable bliss. I had a grin on my face and finally went to sleep in peace and harmony. It was a great first night of our vacation. For me , my friend F freaked out and cried for eight hours though. I loved this experience and will do it again this saturday. Sorry this was so long and thanks for reading it. Happy tripping!! : )

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