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Fun First Trip, but a bad Ending

I had been hyped about tripping for quite a long time.

I had been hyped about tripping for quite a long time. Ever since ninth grade in Health class when they categorize your personality into one of four groups. I was categorized as a Dreamer. Then based on your personality they tell you what drugs you will be most susceptible to. My most susceptible drug was Hallucinogens! Its kind of bad how the purpose of the health class was to keep you from doing these drugs, but it just got me hyped to try them out! Heh.
Now five years later I was finally getting around to trying it out! I had just had some minor surgery done, (I won't say what, because it may incriminate me) but it was nothing serious, and the next day I was ready to trip. I couldn't chew the mushrooms because of my surgery so I broke up my eighth into little peices and swallowed them down with some orange juice. Now I just sat back and waited for things to kick in.
Oh, and by the way, me and my three friends had planned out to have a group of four for tripping that night so we would all be comfortable with each other. When I got to S's house her brother was there so the group would now be five. Right after I ate the mushrooms about four other people that S knew came to her house and wanted to know what we were doing, and S ended up letting them shroom with us. I didn't really like this idea because I didn't know these people very well but I just went along anyways.
After about 45 minutes Me and R were listening to music on the couch, we kept having to turn the volume down because it seemed to get louder and louder. While sitting on the couch I examined the stairway and noticed that the stairs were swaying slowly back and forth, it was kind of relaxing. I looked at the white plaster wall and noticed three huge faces looking at each other in the wall.
By this time my two other friends, S and D were in the room upstairs laying on the bed. Me and R were still downstairs and we decided to join S and D upstairs. (We could also hear the other group of shroomers in the different room playing loud rap music. The rap music kind of gave me a bad vibe and I wanted to leave that sound anyway.) R brought his CD's upstairs and when we got upstairs we put in a good trance CD (Trance Nation America Vol. 2; Disc 2) and laid back on S's bed and listened to music and turned out the lights.
After listening to the CD, we decided to switch it out for another. I went over to the stereo to try and figure out how to work it when I noticed the labels of each button were floating about an inch above the rest of the stereo. It was quite interesting. I finally got the new CD in and I sat back down on the bed. I looked at my hand and it seemed different, but I couldn't exaclty tell what was different. I stared at it for a while and it melted into a puddle which was quite amusing. I then laid back and listened to some more trance.
After maybe an hour of listening, the door opened and very much unwanted light entered the room. It was one of the kids from downstairs. He asked what we were doing and S told him to shut the door, we were having a journey. He said some more stuff that I don't remember but eventually me and R also to him to shut the door, it was ruining the mood in the dark room. The kid said something like "Oh I going to ruin your journey!!!" in a sarcastic tone but he finally shut the door and things were alright again. We laughed after he left which lightened our spirits back up.
We laid back down on the bed and D left the room to join the kids downstairs, I don't think she was feeling the effects as much as R, S and I were. So now it was just me, R, and S upstairs listening to music. I suddenly felt out of place because S and R have been dating for over a year and I didn't know if I was intruding on them so I decided to go downstairs for a while.
I went downstairs to the couch. It felt cold in the house and I felt so alone; not wanting to join the group in the other room listening to rap. It still gave me a bad vibe. I looked around the room from my position sitting on the couch. I looked at the pictures on the wall. It was a picture of a scene at a fair. There was a carousel in the background, with people all around the fair. I could see the people moving slightly, and the carousel was rotating in the background. All of the people I could tell were just having a great time, they all seemed so happy. I looked at the edges of the picture on the wall and I noticed that the wall was flowing toward the picture, as if it was trying to draw my attention towards it.
R was suddenly next to me, he asked me where I went and invited me to come back upstairs with him. I felt glad that he had invited me back upstairs, it was definetly the place that I wanted to be. We were back in the room with S also and started bumping the trance again. I found some ice water and drank a little of it. It tasted so incredibly great. I would take a little of it and just slosh it around in my mouth. I could feel the water bond with my tounge and mouth and then I would swallow the water and take another sip.
I started thinking about things, I thought about my life and realized that I hadn't done too bad so far in it. I thought more about my life and realized that I felt alone. I hadn't had a girlfriend for a few months and I just felt like I was alone in the world. But then I remembered my friends S and R and realized how great of friends they were and everything was alright.
I went and sat down on the bed again and started touching my face, I would just drag my fingers down from my forehead to my chin over and over, it felt awesome and I think I must have done it for atleast an hour while listening to trance. I then started holding my hand up in the air and just looking at it, it seemed so far away and disconnected from my body but I knew it was still a part of me. I studied it for a while and decided to try an experiment. I would try to see if I could imagine my hand was dissapearing and see if it would. I sat and concentrated on my hand trying to make it dissapear, it changed colors a few times, and eventually turned completely black but it never did dissapear.
After drinking so much water I eventually had to use the restroom. I walked into the bathroom and started to relieve myself when suddenly the power went out. I didnt really care, I just hoped it would turn back on and I continued to relieve myself. When I was done I walked back to the room where S and R were both standing up and they seemed upset that the music had turned off and I was mad also. Everything was suddenly quiet and seemed completely different and totally unfriendly. Instead of seeing happy people in hallucinations on the walls and other places i started to see deformed bodies and faces everywhere that I looked. I just tried to ignore them and R, S, and I decided to find out what the hell had turned off the power. We went downstairs and everything in the house was dark, no power anywhere. All the other rap listening people were gone, so we figured they must have had something to do with the power outtage. Dark hallucinations were around every corner, so we decided to go outside.
Outside, the street looked so beautiful, the sky was full of stars and everything had so much detail, especially the trees and plantlife which was still moving around quite a bit. We looked at the stars and noticed one bright star in the East. I looked at it for a while and it moved upward slowly but surely and then stayed still again. I pointed out the star to my two friends and they also could tell it was moving. It was not an airplane, even now I still don't know what it was. S took a picture with her digital camera of the bright light in the sky. I almost expected it to be some sort of alien spacecraft and that it would fly over and land near us but it never did.
Now after being outside for a while I thought about how the power was still out in the house and I got really mad at the other group of kids who had turned it out. I felt like they had ruined everything and in a sense they had ruined eveything, not to mention my trip. R called one of the kids on his cell phone and then the power suddenly turned back on again. Then we opened the front door and all the other group of kids were walking back in. I was pissed off at them but R and S didn't seem to be so mad. R cussed at them a bit. Everything seemed to have changed for me now, the house I was in was cold and uninviting and I just wanted to go home. I told S and R this and R replied maybe I should just come upstairs with them again and we could turn the music back on. I did go back upstairs but everything just felt different, I couldn't stop thinking about those dumass kids downstairs who had turned off the power. I wished they hadn't have been around and I wished they would just leave. after about ten minutes I just decided I had to leave and go home.
I said good bye to my friends upstairs and walked downstairs to the front door, and opened it. Then from the back room I could hear the rap playing and it just gave me such a bad vibe again. (Before I had used mushrooms, I really didn't know what "vibe" actually meant, but now it is the only word that explains the way I felt about things.) One of the kids back there saw me leaving and said "Peace out man"! And this just upset me even further and I left the house immediatly after that.
When I got in my car, I was still seeing medium hallucinations wherever I looked and it was not easy to concentrate on things so I knew I would have to be careful driving home. When I got in my car I got out onto the open road, and I couldn't see any boundaries of the lanes of traffic so I just headed straight towards the street light to make a right turn. I turned right and got onto more of a major street with the luminescent markers in the lanes so they stood out perfectly and I could tell where I was going. Everywhere I looked, bright lights stood out all over the place, and driving was awesome. It felt almost like a video game and I had to do everything I could just to concentrate on going the speed limit. The colors that surrounded me were amazing, and when I was almost home, I was thinking about just driving around for a while, which would have been such a fun thing to do but I realized that it was 5:30 in the morning and driving would probably not be the safest thing to do in my state. I would probably end up getting pulled over and going to jail or something. So I went to my house. I got inside and everything was dark. I could still see creepy hallucinations in the dark, I could see deformed babies lying around my house with pale green skin, it was very disturbing. So I just went upstairs and tried to sleep. In my bedcovers I could see people lying down on my bed, more deformed, strange looking people but I got into my bed anyways. I couldnt sleep and I had no stereo to play music on (I was back from college on Christmas Break) so I just sat there in the dark wishing I had music. Then I suddenly heard a tone of music in my head, and then another until I could hear a song of my own playing in my head. This was very interesting and I suddenly got lost in my thoughts and I eventually fell asleep.

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