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Fun at the mall

Set: my house and the mall Time: 10:00 am Amount: 1/8th p.

Set: my house and the mall
Time: 10:00 am
Amount: 1/8th p. cubencies

My trip began with me watching dazed and confused with my buddy. I mixed the shrooms with an orange julius (not to apetizing) and chugged it down. It took about 45 minutes to kick in. I found myself playing with a waterbottle spinning it in the air constantly. I saw a mural in the movie of the sun and the sun had lines in it. These lines began to weave in and out. I looked at the time constantly as it slowly went by and the clock began to shake. I was always looking outside as the colors out there became brighter. I thought of pink floyd so i put in Dark Side of The Moon. I was listening to breathe and became easily distracted. I left the room and totaly forgot about the music. My bathroom sunk two feet deep so you had to step down into the bathroom. When i got out i heard to clocks of "Time" going on and it tripped me out because i forgot about the music. I found myself yelling Quit It! Later my other buddy showed up and we all went downtown. I kept mumbling they said and i remember wanting to punch random people. My friend said that i raised my fist at some old lady but i dont recall that. I suddenly became tired and sat down while my friends picked up some grub. While sitting there my trip came down and i was left with a little body high. This was my first trip ever and i am planning to eat a 1/4 ounce this weekend with my friends

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