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fun at the farm

ive shrroomed a good number of times now, and i've realized some of the similarities of our trips.

ive shrroomed a good number of times now, and i've realized some of the similarities of our trips. i've never been at a real high level, but i've been pretty far. When i'm with a friend who's tripping really hard, its kind of centered around him, but it seems that if i'm just tripping normally with some kids, with nothing to do, we somehow manage to create some crazy adventure with a plot and goal that comes from no where. In this last trip, that was particularly noticeable, as there was acres upon acres of woods and fields at this farm where we wandered most the night.
it started when we heard from our friend W that some mush was around. he gets really good strands, straight from a grower but only small amounts. he had 8.5 grams of a strand called "pink buffalo". they are lots of tiny mushrooms w/closed caps but all blue. very potent. so we split this up according to our funds - my 2 friends got about 3.3 grams, and i had a little under 3. but these were strong and it had been a while. we thought the best idea would be to go to a farm that this crazy guy owned. he's this drunken rednecck thats real smart, a lawyer, and lts kids come get drunk, but fucks with them - plays weird mind games. apparently the first time u meet him, he tries to scare you and i had never met him. we didn't konw he was home that day.
so we ate our shrooms, and chilled by a fire. i was just kind of tripping thinking i should've bought an eigth, when this one richass punk starts fucking with my friend M who's russian, the guy was talking shit about russians and tryng to pick a fight. M is a big guy, but he just plainly said "not tonight man im tripping, tonight we're cool". but dude woulnd't stop so we had to get away. we walked through this field and i started to get visuals. the grass around us was really tall, but it seemed like there were trails leading in all directions in front of my - thank god for B who led us through. we got to the woods and smoked a bowl. all of the sudden, it lookd like thogusands of fire flies everywhere. the tree branches webbed together and the patches of light started to flash and look like big stars. the visual solidified and the forest became a pattern. there was a hill next to me and the patter-forest sunk into the deppression and began to undulate. I've heard that visuals are more intense when its dark cuz ur mind has to make more shit up.
it started to rain and we began to walk back. M kept getting caught back, and he started to complain that we were walking in a marsh. he would stick his hand on the dry ground and claim there was water on his hands. it was definitely not a marsh, but it was raining. he kept on saying this until we all broke out laughing. when we got back i sat at the fire. the asshold kid was gone, drunk and yelling, so we chilled. this kid put on a bjork cd, which i hadn't really heard and the music changed my visuals. it was creepy the way her voice hit all the high pitches and it got very warped. the whole area around the fire got extremely red and hellish. there were tree branches piled up to be cut and burned, and they seemed to connect. the bark got diamond patterns on it, and suddenly the entire web of trees became a huge diamond back snake. i saw its tail slither and parts of its body would move - it seemed like it would turn around any second.
all the sudden that fucker was back and M said wse had to go. so, we walked around the back of the dog house, when we saw this crazy guyy who owned the place. M and B looked scared and i didn't know why. but, we were trapped between the asshole kid and this guy so we just went into the greenhouse. we smoked some bowls, and then suddenly the crazy redneck appears next to us. he was with this guy withone of those real low mechanical voices cuz of cigarettes, and i had no idea what it was it sounded demonic. we had to hide, so he wouldnt see us but the motherfucker saw us the whole time and busted in.
i didn't expect much. he bitched at B and M for a while sayin "who is smoking this marijuana on my property" (dude smokes weed too, but he plays games like that...) then he saw me and out of nowhere cracked me on the head with a big maglight. i was overwhelmed it didn't even hurt bad but i was so confused my eyes teared up. i couldn't really explain to him that i was tripping, and i was caught. he made me sit in a corner of this dusty greenhouse and proceeded to interogate me for nearly 20 minutes, in a drunken ramble. the whole time his flashlight was right in my eyes, and my pupils must have looked crazy. when i'd blcok the light, it would do crazy things and distract me. eventually, i started to enjoy his insane ramblings about the CIA and spies... it took so long to get him out that we had to get an outside, sober friend to pretend like there was an emergency so we could go (people helped out their tripping bretheren) but before he left he said "don't move".
we spent the rest of the night avoiding him and justin. we went to the woods, and walked around for an hour trying to decide what to do. we couldn't go anywhere it seemed and it was raining. we desperately needed a home. We finally devised a plan where we would sneak into our friends van and he waould drive away (it took us a LONG time to come up wth that). the plan worked, but on the way out, the crazy redneck jumped on the car and rode it down the driveway. he finally got in, and started fucking with me. but, before he left he said "good night jess". that meant a lot at the moment, because even though he cracked me on the head i really wanted to talk to him in that state of mind. i still do, and plan on it.
the rest of the trip was mellow, and i was suprising content. i realized that even though all that crazy shit happened, it kept me occupied and was actually fun. safer, uneventful environments are good for revelatory and educational sessions. since there wasn't really time to think about what i was doing, i was just acting for pure experience, whatever felt right at the time. the trip wasn't extremely educating, but left me with a sense of comaraderie with my firneds for helping eachother out in the whole thing. and, the pure experience and adventure, not to mention the visuals, was amazing. it left me with somehting to think about rather than letting my mind wander and getting stuck on negative-thoguht (guilty feeling) loops. letting your mind wander is good in a proper setting, but often times i go home alone after a trip and get depressed.
i worrioed throughtout the trip about what wasw going to happen, thinking "what a mistake it was to come here" but all in all, it was one of my best trips ever.

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