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full moon stag weekend

Mushroom variety: Fresh Psilocybe cubensis.

Mushroom variety: Fresh Psilocybe cubensis. Homegrown from a kit, bought ready colonized with mycelium.

Participants: 11, all of whom could be described as "experienced recreational drug users".

Dosage: Approx 16g per person. First flush from the kit weighed 77g. Two subsequent smaller crops were not weighed accurately. Estimated total crop 175g, split equally between 11 people. 4 participants suplemented this after 3 hours with approx 1g of dried P. Semilanceata.

Consumption method: 9 participants took the mushrooms brewed into tea; 2 ate them directly in a sandwich. (No reported significant differences in experience due to different consumption methods.)

Location: In them there hills! Clear skies, and a fantastic bright red full moon. Most tripping time was spent by a campfire on the side of a hill overlooking a small lake.

Other subtances: various participants ingested quantities of alcohol (between 0 and 400ml of whisky per person) and cannabis (between 0 and 10 spliffs per person).

Timescale: Ingestion at 9pm. First effects noted after approx 45 minutes. Most particpants reported they were clearly "down" at about 3am (T+6hrs). Most particpants found it possible to sleep after 4am if they wished to.

Physical side-effects: 1 participant vomited after 3 hours, some others reported occasional nausea and stomach cramps at different times. One participant became cold and shivery, but improved when put closer to the fire and given a blanket.

General effects: Participants described the mushrooms as "strong"! At some points it was possible to have conversations, go for short walks, read poetry, etc. At other times various participants had to have a
lie down, were unable to speak, etc.

Psychedelic effects: 2D and 3D visuals ("eye-lid movies"). Time distortion. General hilarity. No paranoia or other indications of a bad trip.

Summary: a very good trip for all concerned. This is probably due to a combination of good mushrooms, experienced trippers, and an excellent location.

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