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This was my first real trip.

This was my first real trip. I had work one Friday night. As I was talking to my buddy, drugs came up in the conversation. I told him I had some shrooms that I had been waiting to eat, but never had a chance to. He said he would do take them with me, and so I went home and got the shrooms at my break. At around 7:30 I had 4 caps and stems, my buddy had 7 caps and 7 stems. (Cubes) Around 9:30, my buddy was feeling it big time,and I felt a little light headed, but that's about it. At 9:45 we left work and went to smoke some KB. I took this huge ass shotty that put me out. Then my one friend went home, and I went to my other friends house. As I was driving there, the lights off of other cars were bleeding, I thought I was going crazy. When I got to my friends house, I felt sick and I asked him if I could sleep over. I went to his brothers room and tried to sleep, but I felt really cold. I was looking around the room and the fan on top of room was getting bigger and bigger. Then this James Dean poster started smoking a cigarrete. I tried closing my eye, all I saw was bright lights and I felt like I was swirling in it. It was strange because I felt so cold but my body was full of sweat. I guess I tripped too hard for a first timer. The moral of the story is: Start off easy then go hard. Happy tripping!

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