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fucken oath

i don't know what level this was but it was intense.

i don't know what level this was but it was intense. a couple nights before this trip i ate about 9 shrooms spanned out over a few hours. it made me see ants crawling on a woodgrainn door and some trippy patterns on another wooden door. so 2 or 3 nights later i decided to up the ante and munched 11 good looking golden tops. i ate them with my ex girlfriend(who i live with) and then straight after had a shower as i had just finished work. in the shower i was thinking they weren't going to hit me that hard and was kind of disappointed. but the shower walls were engulfing me and i had that mdma feeling so i thought cool they are kicking in. ican't remember properly but when they hit they hit hard and being only the second time i've experienced mushy;s it was quite a surprise it is a sensation that is hard to describe but it felt like i was at one with the world and everything ceased to matter. like the first time things started to breathe but also a picture of puppies on the wall started to move and the dogs were running around the frame. we put on the breakfast club (ha ha) and it was quite an interesting experience while i was tripping off my trolley. the actors appeared to be out of the screen and the background was stretching. the shelves around the tv changed from white to yellow to purple to pink, and i could not focus on photos. yet while everything was distorted and from another dimension my ex girl looked normal yet her skin looked soft and i couldn't help but keep touching her face. as i had to work the next morning i started to yearn for sleep and because i was no longer staying in her room i asked if she wanted me to stay with her or go to my room. she hinted for me to go to my room so i reluctantly left as i was tripping pretty hard and didn;t want to be alone. when i got into bed i lay there and opened my eyes and the roof was glowing. and from where the light was it was pulsating. i tried to look away but everything was changing shape and it wasn't helping me fall asleep. when i closed my eyes i had music from infected mushroom engulf my mind and images of forests with trees with exposed roots and mushrooms sprouting from them. being slightly distressed i decided to go back to my ex's room to have a cigarette. when i went in she told me i have to sleep in there with her which i quickly obliged.(i think she was also feeling the full effects.) the visuals were calming down but there was still that other worldly feeling and even though it made me slightly uncomfortable it was still the best drug experience i;ve had.(and i've had my fair share). we couldn't sleep so we were poking each other and making funny noises to keep ourselves amused. if i didn't have to work the next morning i probably would have enjoyed it more but that fact put a strain on the experience. i also kept thinking if i would ever be "normal" again which i sort of didn't care about anyway because it was fucking awesome. if you haven't taken mushies yet and are wondering what to expect just know that you are going to be fine and to enjoy and cherish every second of it because when you wake up the next day it Will feel like a dream and you will want to do it all again. MUSHIES ROCK!!!!!

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