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fucked up guy

alright so a couple weeks ago i did a hq and it was a awsome trip, im just hanging out with some friends and everything was just weird.

alright so a couple weeks ago i did a hq and it was a awsome trip, im just hanging out with some friends and everything was just weird... then my friend called my buddy 2 sell her a twin so we go 2 meet up with her and on the walk there my friend was like dude watch out for those guys up there and i was like ok... and just did what he said cuz he seemed 2 know what he was doing... so we start walking down this street to meet up with our friend at our usual hang out and we have to walk down our friends street... and there was the two guys my friend told me to watch out for are walking down the same street, and they stopped infront of my friends house finishing their smoke or something like that... and my friend was like alright dude... go up 2 this guys house and pretend that your walking in... and i did so, then we hear the guys yell out hey, you guys have a extra smoke...and my buddy was like ya hold on a sec... went over and gave the guys a smoke... and we started shooting the shit with these guys for a few min...and it was fucked... like one of the guys had 4 eyes and the hood on his jacket was making patterns and shit like there was suns and moons all over the place, then they leave and we go back 2 the house and wait a few mins (this is at about 10ish) so we go and walk up and we have 2 go through a park to get to where we were going and like 5 mins later they were waiting at the park and one of the guys come up to us and point a gun to our heads and say give us all ur shit now, and i was just like wtf is going on i was so confused... then my buddy gave him his smokes... then the guy who had the gun 2 our heads was like nah dude we were just playing...then he started showing off his gun and the gun looked like it was getting longer and smaller then the second guy came and pulled out a 2 foot long lead pipe... and it started bending and changing shape... then they left and i was still trying 2 figure out what just happened and i couldn't tell if they were serious and were about to kill us but bailed on the plan cuz all we had was some smokes... or they were just trying 2 scare us ethir way i didn't know what was going on, then we went and met up with our friends who have been waiting there for about 30 mins by this point and we explained to them what happened and they were all talking and i tried 2 listen and pay attention but i just couldn't i just kept looking around at the clouds and the trees around me and all that, all the trees just started 2 look like one big sphere, and the clouds spelt out some words... mostly "your fucked up dude" and i tried explaining what i was seeing 2 my friend... but he was just looking at me like i was a nut case, but i just kept trying 2 say something but there was no1 there...and i started to look around and i couldn't see ne1 and i thought my friends left me so i tried calling one of my friends that was there... and they just moved up towards the light so that they could see the dope they were being sold and i was like 10 feet away from them tops, then i started 2 walk home and looking down the street and seeing cars come at me were confusing the shit outta me because i thought it was like 2am on a wedesday so i was like why is there alot of cars driving when most ppl have work 2morrow morning and i spent like 10 minutes trying 2 figure it out while i was waiting for a opening 2 cross the street... then i finally got home at about 2:30 and i went straight 2 my room and just watched some cartoons until about 5:30 or so... and it just felt like everything was right and in place and nothing could go wrong and i was just where i wanted 2 be at this point in my life

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