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it all started when we meet my friend in the parking lot of our high school.

it all started when we meet my friend in the parking lot of our high school. he sold me and a couple of my friends a 8er it was a tight 8er tho at 4 garms.

we all climbed back into the car were off on our way. we stopped by at kroger first to get some orange juice. so we finally munched our shrooms and we waited about 1 hour and thats when it all started....

all of the sudden when we were driving all the lights on the road got so bright i couldnt even believe it and i was just tartin out. its hard to explain but i just was so happy and every little touch on my body was so werid.

finally after about an hour or two of driving around and tripin our asses off we decided to go buy some bud, we all smoke maybe 3 or 4 bowls out of a water bong and we are all still feeling real nice.

after this i went out side of my firends house that we stopped by and all the trees started to grow upwards and just kept growing they seemed so fuckin tall to me at that point i couldnthandle i was flippin out i started to tart ou tat this point i was turning in circles lookin at the cars that started to look like it was rolling down the driveway.

it was now about 11:30 and we had a nice long time of trippin and a few of my firends decided that they wanted to just go home and try to lay down, so after we droppped them off me and my friend just started driving around til 12 because we both had to be home at that time.niether me or my firend expected anything to happen that did after this....

finally we were driving on dixie hwy a road that goes through my town and then when we were driving suddenly a cop pulls us over, when we were still trippin nuts. he then comes over to the car pulls my firend out and then pulls me out and had a bout 4 other cop cars come out the sence and they start to search the car. in the car the cop finds two toy bb guns and a bong and a bowl the cop then throws me in handcuffs and slam me up against the car and pulls his gun out at me and says, (this is what i heard at that point in time) "wwwwhhhhhhhhooooo'ssssssss fuuuuuuuucccccccckkkkinnnnnn GGGGGGuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnn iiiiiiisssssss tttttttttttthhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaatttttt?" i just sat there and was liek what the fuck is going on. i ended my trip going home and telling my parents i got two misdemors. what a night thanks to shrooms!!!!!!!!!

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