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I had bought 4 grams of some killer ass shrooms from a buddy at school.

I had bought 4 grams of some killer ass shrooms from a buddy at school. I decided i was going to eat 2g's and i sold 2 to a friend. We ate them and within 15 minutes I was startin to feel. Me and my friend sat down outside while my other two buddies( who were merely stoned on bud) tried to break into a bus. Somebody yelled at them and we took off. We stopped in the road with a loss of breath and thats when my trip started. I looked over at ahouse that had green x-mas lights on. They seemed to star to move and mold into the house. the window frames started to move in and out and i thought fuck this is going to be a good oneso we decided to walk up the road a little to meet a friend who then didnt show up for a half hour. I stood there in amzement with the trees. There limbs all turned into big claws and were picking things off the ground and trying to get me. We met our buddieand went up to his house. When I got downstairs I just started to laugh and laugh uncontrollably at nothing. When I finished we decided to watch The grinch who stole Chritsmas. I sat there and every single thing in that room except for the TV started to move and mold into eachother. I was simply fucked.After about an hour me and My other four 13 year old buddiesdecided we should go and look at some paintings in one of the local stores that had paintings on the walls. well if one of the paintings that was of a rececar didnt fuckin come out of the wall and try to run me over I was freaked but my buds calmed me down. after that we preety much just sat there and store at the paintings for another half hour until I started to come down. all I can say is holy fuck.

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