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fruits of my labor

I weigh about 130, male, 19.

I weigh about 130, male, 19.

My friend and I each tried frowing shrooms over the summer, golden teachers.

Anyways, so once they were finally ready, last week, I was on cloud nine. I had waited 4 long weeks and the time to enjoy the fruits of my labor was upon us all. I was excited and so were my friends.

The plan was, me and my one friend had to put away the shipment at the gas station we worked at, then we were heading up to my house, meeting some other people, and eating our shrooms. Me, my friend (Jones), and his girlfriend (Mand) were at my house a good hour before everyone else was showing up. So we weighed out what we would eat, I had 23 grams (fresh) and he had 14, and Mand chickened out. It was about 7 pm.

So we ate them down in my room then went outside. We walked next door to an abandoned nursing home and smoked a bowl there....more for Mand then me and Jones. We showed her around the inside, and I started getting a little quesy. (I guess before I go on I should mention, I had done shrooms before, but Jones never did).

We walked back to my house and decided to run to the Uni-Mart (where we work) for gas for the fire and Mand wanted cigs. The ride down was pur ecstasy for myself. I was excited to begin with to shroom outside, as I never really had before, and this just brought that out more. By the time we left we were about 45 minutes into the trip. No visuals yet, but I had a feeling of overwhelming joy I can't explain. I stuck my head out the window and the feeling of the wind on my face was like nothing I've ever experienced. We finally get to the Uni-Mart, a 5 minute drive, and I can't stop laughing. We go inside and everything is moving. The tiled floor, it looked like the top layer was flowing over the bottome layer of the tiles, I don't know what you'd call this. Our boss came out (a pot smoking indian fella) and kept asking why I was so happy. I couldn't even respond, and Mand said something to him, I don't know what.

Me and Jones started walking around the store looking for something, I don't know what, I was just helping him look. We finally get back to my house, and start the fire. With alot of cardboard and a little gas it was no problem at all. Finally, about an hour and a half into it I settled in my chair and couldn't stop looking at the tree tops. I was looking at them through the heat coming off the fire and the kept shifting and pulsing. A couple people showed up and this took me out of my little trance.

I moved from my chair to the wood pile, looking for a stick. I found one and plopped down on the ground next to the firepit, playing in the embers for awhile. I think Mand was throwing stuff at my to get me going, but I can't say for sure. Either way, I kept "getting hit" with stuff, and every now and then this swarm of bugs kept flying at me. I was fine though, because I had my stick and swatted them all away. Eventually I threw my stick at Mand cause I thought she was throwing stuff at me. At this time, about 9 people total were there, and Zeppelin was playing, and the fire was rockin, and alot of pot was being smoked by them.

I'm not sure exactly what happened next, my friends were asking how they were, some discussion of when we'd trip again happened, and I wound up in my chair again. Then, Jones threw some gas on the fire. It erupted like an explosion of some kind to me, and I was freakin out a little little bit because there was a tree above it and I didn't want it to catch.

I moved back down to laying on the ground and Mand started throwing marshmellows at me, which felt like I was being pelted with rocks. Two other friends joined in and started bombing me with marshmellows. Then Jones threw more gas on the fire and everything turned into a battle field. Everyone was throwing marshmellows at everyone, and I was in the middle of a whirlwind of chaos, fire, bombs, and marshmellows. It seemed as if they were all revolving around me, as I was on my knees in the middle of it all. Then Derb threw a clump of three mallows on my shirtless back, which stuck fast. I thought I had a monster on my back and started rolling around in the grass. Then I got up and laughed about it afterwards. I sat next to Mand and picked a weed, played with it awhile, lit it on fire, and gave it to her. She started hitting me with it and it felt so unbelievable. Like I was being flailed with a whip made out of feathers. I fell off the bench I was on and sat back in my chair.

I was coming down by now, and wasn't having much more visuals, but I was staring at this white bench with square holes in the back and pictured myself going inside of it and exploring each hole. I must've looked pretty out of it, cause my friend was asking if I was alright and snapped me out of it. Afterwards I was just general talk about how it was, as I was coming out of it. We smoked a bit out of a bubbler and I just chilled out to CCR the rest of the night. Eventually heading in, enjoying the feeling of elation I always get after coming out of a trip, and laid in my bed, not sleeping, till morning.

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