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frosh year shroomin

The first time I ever shroomed is somthing I will remember forever.

The first time I ever shroomed is somthing I will remember forever. It was my freshman year in college. Me and some buddies all pitched in and bought an ounce of mushrooms. We munched them all down and sat down to smoke a couple of bongs to get us started. It started out innocent enough. I was pretty baked and just relaxed and watching cartoons. That only lasted about 40 minutes when I started freaking out. I couldn't sit still and I was breathing rapidly. I looked up and everything was like looking at a reflection in a lake on a slightly breezy day. The overpowering effects subsided after a while and me and two other friends finally made enough sense of the confusion to get up and walk to campus. As we were walking I felt like I was growing with each step. Soon I felt like I was 12 feet tall, and I was wearing hover shoes, floating about an inch off the sidewalk. Everything was wierd. My one friend turned and looked at me. I freaked when I saw his entire head start to morph, and get sucked into his nostrils, only to spring back to normal again. He caught my attention long enough only to say "Wait a minute, who turned on the green?" For some reason we both found that comment incredibly hilarious, and laughed for who knows how long about it.. We arrived at the dorms, and the hallways seemed to be unending corridors. We were walking but it didn't seem like we were getting any closer to the other end of the hall. Somehow we ended up in my room. As if by some act of god there was a bottle of Dust-off that had magically appeered on my deck. we grabed it and left. (bad idea.) We found we couldn't stay in any one place for long. so we headed back to his house blasting hit's of dust-off as we went getting stupider with each hit. We eventually reached a large snow embankment which we had to climb over. Ry took a massive blast of dust-off and sprinted up the snow bank. I sprinted behind him only to see him wipe out and land in a slush puddle on the other side. He hadn't realized he'd fallen however, and I laughed hysterically as I watched him continue to move his feet in a running motion while he lay soaking in the puddle. I helped him up and we continued walking. We ran into some friends of ours on the road. and they picked us up. We started driving, and thats when things started getting real crazy. Everything I looked at was melting and distorting. We stopped and opened the top of the convertable.(Dead of winter, but I was numb to any feeling of temperature.) The trees bent down and tried to grab me. I saw goblins with beedy eyes peering out at me from the woods. Things were getting real wierd. nothing was real anymore. My body wasn't mine. So it didn't matter what happened to it, I was invincible. No matter what I did I would still wake up all right happy in my bed in the morning. We ended up at a house in town somewhere. All I did for who knows how long when we got there was sit indian style in the middle of the road smoking cigarettes in some kind of mindless trance. The road had come alive it was breathing and flowing like a river. I could see the holes in the curb sucking in deep breaths of air. I could hear a heartbeat in a near-bye snowbank. Everything arround me had turned into a single living organism and I was the center of it. I had completly forgot about everything. I was suddenly snapped back into reality when Ry tapped me on the shoulder and told me to get out of the road, because there were cops nearbye. I didnt care but I went with him. I spent the rest of the night in the house watching things melt and change colors all arround me as the trip gradually subsided into a not quite normal but not tripping state of mind. I got a ride home and spent a long time laying in bed deep in philosophical thought waiting for sleep to finally overtake me sometime after the sun came up.

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