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Frist time trip

After picking up some potent shrooms with a few friends(dont know what kind- they were gray with a little blue on the outside and very blue on the inside), I decided to go home and trip.

After picking up some potent shrooms with a few friends(dont know what kind- they were gray with a little blue on the outside and very blue on the inside), I decided to go home and trip. Not wanting to do them with my friends due to the fact that I haven't known them too long, and I was tired. I ate little over an 1/8, 4 good size caps and 5 steams, at 9pm. For the next hour I patiently waited with great anticipation. As 10 rolled around I started feeling weak. I liked feeling this because as I grew weaker, the trip grew stronger.

Frist, walking became a little more difficult then usually. Nothing too out of the ordinary, felt like I was buzzed from a few drinks. At this point I dimed all the lights in my house, I felt very relaxed. Secondly, the lights took on a dark red tint, this was very cool. It was now 30 past 10, and my body was feeling very weak. I went outside to somke a cigg, this is when things got a little weird.

Things were starting to look different. I live about 15 miles away from a huge steam plant, and the steam coming out of the stacks looked very cool, like 2 huge green mushroom clouds form an atom boom. The grass looked like little spikes and clusters of green crystals. This was all great, I was having visuals(i was feeling good now, this is way i took the shrooms) But then something bizarre happend, I looked down at my cigg and it was down to the end. I dont know what it was, but this sent me into a spiral of thoughts. At frist, I was a little shocked. It seemd like I was only ouside for a minute, how could I be done with my cigg already? Then it came to me, like a flash back, memorise of me smoking all the cigg. And then more memorise-tons more memorise, it was like I had lived too lives. My life up to the moment I had that cigg, and a different life while smoking that cigg. At this point, things were getting a little overwhelming. But I calmed my self down, and cleared my head.

Then I went inside and watched some, elimadate, I think thats what its called. But Grew tired of that, everyone on that show was acting like a badass and that there shit didnt stink. So I truned it off, and started to stare at the walls, they were moving and swirling. I dont know how long that went on for. So I got up and went to my room to listin to some music. I was told this is a good thing to do. But it didnt phase me, sounded normal. Nothing tripy about it, but then everything got crazy. Random thoughts, one right after the next. Until I came to the conclusion that my life meant nothing. And I havent really impacted anyone eles life(i dont understand why I thought that, I have lived with 2 differnt families and have impacted many peoples lives), so what was I living for. This was unbeliveable to me, what was going to happen? Was I going to die right there right then, this scared the shit out of me. I picked my self up and walked down my hall, to the living room, but the hall seemed a lot longer then befor. In fact everything seemed longer, time, my thoughts, all I wanted was this trip to end. After what seemed like 5 minutes I was in my living room. And then it happend, the feeling right befor you throw up, I ran to the bathroom. My heart was beating incredible fast, I didnt understand what just happend. Time was moving in slow motion, but then as I ran to the bathroom, every thing seemed to move to fast. Then I threw up, 3 times, it was the shrooms, all chewed up and bright blue(gross).

I tryed to go to sleep after that but found this hard, I was thinking about my life and what I should do to change it. I final passed out at 3am. Only to wake up at 8 am, for a job shadowing I had to do. I felt better, although very tired and a slight headach, and a different look on life(so far i feel the shrooms were a good idea, and i like this new look i have on life) I want to do them agine but dont know if i should, there were few times I felt I was going insane. What do you think- would you do them agine??

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