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Frenzied Nutiness

Oceanside July 4 1998 Me and my friends decided to go down to Oceanside to a condo for the 4th and shroom.

Oceanside July 4 1998

Me and my friends decided to go down to Oceanside to a condo for the 4th and shroom. We drive for 2 hours chilling to some America. We get into town... and the town is a fucking circus!
Wall to wall people on the beach, it seemed like everyone and their fucking mother was there.
We get to the condo and unload our shit. We all want food to eat with the shroom to get rid of the taste. So 4 of the group( there were 12 of us) dcided to walk down to Mcdonalds to get food for everyone. and the rest of us deiced to chill. Were waiting like 45 minutes, and getting real pissed. the fireworks were coming and we wanted to be high.
So we start rooting thru the condo, and come up with two packages of Top Raman. We cook it up, grind our shrooms into powder,( or tried to anyway) and mixed it into broth. We were eating it, and when I got to the bottom water....Damn that is some nasty as shit. Just thinking about right now gives me the gags. But I suppressed them and sat down.
seriously, not trwo minutes later, I felt them coming on. And I mean coming on strong. I thought. " Oh shit here they come." and just then all the Mcdonalds crew rolls in. all of them talking at once, and just FILLING the room with chaos. I had to get out of there.
So I stand up, mumble I'm going to get my shit out of the car, and left quickly. I get into the underground garage, and am still feeling semi-in-control. I gather my things. (cd discman, cd case, a sangria bottle I'd converted into a bong, my pillow, my bag and a collection of other stuff I cant remember.)
So I'm walking back thru the garage, singing and talking to myself, thinking I'm alone. I get into the elevator lobby.... and there's twelve old people looking right at me!
I'm freaking out, and just then it really kicked in. I said " Hi, how are all of you?"
And one guy nodded.
So I'm standing there, and the elevator is taking FOREVER.
I'm sweating and trying not to look at them. I can feel there eyes on me, radiating nasty thoughts like, "whose this punk ass kid, invading our community?" finally the elevator arrives, and we all packed in there.
Its wall to wall old folks and me right in the middle, holding this obvious bong, tripping, sweating like a pig, and rolling my eyes everywhere.
thoughts are running thru my head like,
"stay calm man, your cool.
they know.
they dont know.
THEY KNOW!! How couldn't they?! I look like a freak!
I imagined myself as this raving psychopath and the old folks beating me up with their canes and purses. sedating me with their medication.
RELAX!! they have no idea!

Just then an old man glances at my hands, and sees the Bong.
"Planning a wild night, are you?"
I tittered nervously and looked away. His eyes were glowing blue. booring into my head.

Finally the elevator opens and I run out. I'm pounding on the door trying to get in, but they have the radio on and cant hear me. I'm out in the hall for what seems like an enternity, with this little girl sucking her thumb staring at me. I swear I thought she said
"I know what your doing boy!" in a deep ass Earl Jones voice.

Finally they open the dorr and I emerge into a welcome chaotic enviroment where all my friends were. I was absorbed into the madness. People talking everywhere jibbering and hollering, high as hell. And all the while that R.E.M. song "its the end of the world as we know it" is playing.

we all get up on the roof after we collected ourselfs. It ws like standing on a new york roof. All flat with airconditioning units all over the place. It was wierd.
Starngly the fire works weren't that interesting. I ws just bursting with energy. I needed to get out and walk. so we all go down into the beach. Its still swarming with partyers. A carnival is goin on right in front of the peer leading all the way out to the end where that Rubios resteraunt or whatever it is, is.
We go to the beach. there were six girls in the group and six guys. all the girls decide to go swimming. I say "fuck no!" I'm comfortable and have no desire to get cold and sandy. so they all drop there clothes off, into their underwear and dive in. I had mixed feelings about it.
the girl I was attracted to at the time ws one of them so it ws nice to see her undress, but my sister was there too,
wearing leopard skin panties and bra, so it ws kind of weird too.
anyway so I'm squatting on the beach with the guys, watching the ocean and the partyers and the women in the water.
I start comparing woman and men. It went something like this.
"women are beautiful. Gracefull in movement like dolphins in the water. Nymphs if you will."
"men are hairy ass, knuckle dragging, ineloquent, apes. always hunting for bannanas."
"women are smooth to touch, and soft and great."
"Most men are out of shape, and all harsh angles. Most of us. We're fucking apes!"
while I was thinking that, My freind matt is dancing around me going.
"I want to get in the water, but I dont want to get wt. Fuck! Fuck!" and more of the same.
I said:
" I feel like I'm in a fucking mad house." looking at all the nuttiness going on around me, both in my group and others.
Matt replied:
"what did you say?"
"I said I feel like I 'm in a mad house. We all these crazt ass chimps rattling out cages, howling at the moon."
Mat began to laugh and dance around me making monkey sounds throwing sand at me. for a moment I thought Dr. Zayas was around. Damn you dirty apes!!!

al of a sudden I realized mellisaa(the hottie I wanted) was wearing .....nothing!!!
she and her friend were out there walking in the shallows naked! It was great!!! At this time I lost track of mat.
then while I was getting an eyefull of candy. out of the corner of my eye, Matt comes running straight at the water in his boxers, going
"yar GEE HAwr GEE HAWRRRRR!!!!!"
like a pirate skipping and intot the water. I even saw an eye patch onhim, and thought about treasure island. Fucking hilarious.
I was tripping hard, and decided all these people were having more fun than me, and that had to be remedied. so I remembered my music in the condo and went out on a mission, with a big ass grin on my face.
I walked back thru the people still on the street at 11, and went back upstairs. Leslie, a fellow tripper who decided to stay by herself. she ws basically chilling trying to stay calm, on a relatively bad trip, and I BURST in gibbering about the beach, trying to get all my stuff together and talk to her at the same time. finally I get my backpack, my discman, a couple of cds and a bottle of water!
Leslie threw me out screaming.
"Get out you fucking snake!" ( apperantly I looked like a serpent to her, I found out later)
So I get to walking listening to music. I listened to Bob marleys greatest hits, Maxwells Urban Hang suite, and Dean martins greatest hits. all of them totally dope for emotional triggers.
So I'm grooving along, not giving a fuck who stares at me. walking thru the condos outdoor complex, lush with palm trees and ferns and all sorts of green soft plants. I felt as if was in a tropical paradise, and if I kept walkign I'd stumble upon a Malaysian Beauty who who have a purple and white lay in one hand, and a BLue Hawiian mixer in the other.
I keep walking and what should I stumble onto but... A Japanese pagoda style three story bath and pool house right in the middle. complete with criss crossing bridges, that arced over a cot fish pool lit by soft blue lights, thats fed by a twelve foot water fall! Man I almost creamed my shorts with extasy! I thought:
" I need to fucking sit down right now, and thank whoever for this beautiful scene that was put here for me to find."
then I thought:
"Naw, I gotta keep on GrOoViNG!!!!"
So I went on.
I continued to walk through the place, talking to myself and laughing. I was completely alone and the music ws taking me higher and higher with each rhythm. I started walking up these stairs, and I looked into this window to another condo, and what did I see?
A fucking blow up male doll dressed in a green windbreaker, tight ass kahki short shorts, and a love boat sea captain hat! I fucking DIED!!!!!!!
I almost fell down the stairs laughing and pointing and screaming.
then the doll moved and walked away, and I realized it had been a guy, standing there looking at me the whole damn time!!
Needless to say I quickly left.
the night continued on till dawn. Me trying to get cuddly with Melissa. (never happened) and the rest of the crew watching Weird ass Tv and laughing.
there was some melancolly moments where I thought of being alone, and stuff, but I loved the whole night.
I wont go into when i walk ed thru the deserted carnival afterwards and how it was just disgusting!! I was mortified that I was human at the time. But enough for now.

all in all I'd say this really bordered right on the level 4 threshold, and next time I'm going to push the limit!

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