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French Student


Hi! I'm a french student. I'm living in the north of France, on the Belgian border, and as a matter of fact, I've already made several (physical) trips to Holland. I am quite used to smoke (3-4 blunts daily for 3-4 years) and every time I go to the Netherlands I spend the night on tokin' all kinds of very good varieties of ganja and haschisch. I mean about 30 grms all together smoked among two or three friends and everything is going on well, even for the one who has to drive back to France. Just before going back to school, at the beginning of September, we drove up to Rosendaal, had a smoke, bought some stuff and began to plan the trip back. There, in another Coffeshop, I managed to find for the first time Magic Mushrooms.

I bought 15 of them and got back to Bruxelles, where we were supposed to spend the night. I ate 3/4 of the pack, keeping on smoking, and after a while, I began to get high, or at least higher than the usual cannabis effects. It was quite an interesting trip, but I awaited more power. I tried LSD twice, and I thought that Psylocibin effects where quite close to Acid's. Except a different perception of colors in the dark (well, I was driving and my vision was covered by a kind of "electric-blue" layer), but no hallucinations or things I expected. But this was quite a good experience, and next time I will try it without smoking in order to feel the whole effects.... TO THE WORLD/ I think psychedelic drugs are OK, but only for the people who can seriously think about it and are conscious what they are swallowing.

As Hemp, Schrooms, and stuffs like that are no danger for health, why not to allow people who are responsible for their acts to consume these kinds of stuff. Peace to the world, Legalize now !!!

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