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the first time i tried shrooms was last year on a friday.

the first time i tried shrooms was last year on a friday. i went to my friend jeremys house after school for a little party, just drinking and smoking some pot. then we got a call that our friend jd was comin over for the night. he was on probation so he couldnt really smoke any pot, but he could drink and since he didnt get tested for it, he always tripped shrooms. when he came over, he had a half oz of shrooms. i had wanted to experience shrooms for a while, but never got around to gettin them. so given the opportunity, i was like hell yeah. me and jeremy split the cost of an eighth since this was both our first time. we each ate them immediately, about 3 grams each of some cubensis dried shrooms. then it was a beautiful spring day so we decided to go for a walk. we went to smoke a doobie behind this school in the woods that we always smoke and just chill. So we went back there, and by now, jd was already trippin hard. we smoked a fatty, then for some reason decided to smoke another one. then jd hit the second one, im not sure why, but he said that he could pass his drug test somehow. after the two doobies, we just chilled on this log in the middle of the woods. then the sky became very vibrant and colorful. then we got up to leave, and the ground started waving and it looked like an ocean. it was the most amazing thing i had ever seen. then we started walking through the soccer field, and i started seeing all these weired things floating around, i think they were like kites or something, i dont really know. then we went back to jeremys house and popped in the doors on dvd. when the part came on when theyre tripping on peyote in the desert, i started tripping really hard. i think thats when i peaked. then jd told us that if we smoked some good bud when we peaked, that it would enhance the experience. so we didnt have a choice, we had to do it. we went in jeremys garage and smoked a blunt, and i was feeling very good. i had never experienced such bliss before. jeremys garage isnt exactly the coolest place, but for some reason, it looked so beautiful, thats when i knew that i was tripping very hard. then we went back inside, turned off all the lights in the house, turned on his lava lamp, his black light, and turned on The End by the Doors. It was amazing, i couldnt even concentrate on the lyrics anymore, which is why i love the doors so much, morrisons lyrics. but all i could concentrate on was the beat and the organ. ray manzarek was an amazing organist. then i drank a very large amount of vodka and came down from the trip but i was drunk and stoned, but i was still upset that my experience was over. it lasted a good 5 hours. since that wonderful day, i have tripped shrooms approx. 6 times, and i would recommend this experience to anyone, even if they dont do drugs. its an experience all in its own. well thats my story, i hope you enjoyed reading it.

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