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Free the stones!

This all happened about 3 years ago when I was a sophomore in college.

This all happened about 3 years ago when I was a sophomore in college. My friend Geoff and I
had a little over an 1/8 to spit and we ate them in some veggie sandwiches. We had both done this once
before so we sort of knew what to expect in terms of taste and mild stomach pains. We sat around for a
while but nothing was happening so we decided to head over to a friend’s dorm room where he was
supposed to have a party. Just as we got there things started to change. The first thing that happened was
that I felt really content. I was perfectly happy to be in the cramped, hot, overcrowded place even though I
usually hate that kind of thing.

I started playing Tekken with my friend whose room it was. Strangely I
was doing really well even though he was very good. I started to be the character and I felt like I could tell
what my friend was going to do before he did it. I even blocked his 30 hit combo, which he couldn’t
believe because no one had ever done. This luck started to drop off as the shrooms stepped up. I kept
staring at my character on the screen, I would move the controller and the guy on the screen would move! I
couldn’t believe it! I started getting mad that all my guy could do was fight, I wanted him to relax and just
hang out. I got so mad I started yelling at my guy and we started to fight! Once Geoff realized what I was
doing he grabbed me and we took off.

We decided the best thing we could do was go for a walk. Our school was on a hillside that
overlooked a city. We decided to go into the city and check things out. It was really cold (below freezing)
and after midnight so the city was empty. We had a rough plan to go through the park and then back
through city hall. As we were walking I started to get hot (even though it was like –10) so I opened my
coat all the way. The noise from my zipper spooked this flock of birds in a tree above us and they took
wing. The birds were swirling overhead and making a lot of noise. Suddenly out of the darkness the birds
became a strange living black cloud above that screamed at us with an otherworldly tone. Suddenly the
black cloud became hostile and started raining acid on us so we had to run away. As fast as we ran the
cloud was faster! Eventually we took refuge under an overpass. In all the commotion my legs had gotten
really cold and I was convinced that I had peed myself. I checked and everything was dry, but throughout
the night I would become convinced that I had peed myself and would have to check.

Eventually we found ourselves in a Zen garden. We walked around inside it and the waves in the
sand would undulate and move the rocks and potted plants around as if they were buoys floating on water.
At first Geoff didn’t see it, but as soon as I pointed it out he said

No, you are wrong, it is the stones that are moving the sand!

He was right! The rocks were trying to move around the garden, but they were
glued to the sand by some unknown force. As they tried to move around they would drag the sand causing
ripples and waves. I wanted to free the stones, but Geoff told me not too. Not heeding his advice I grabbed
one and through it as hard as I could! He said,

No! Now the sand will want something in return!

With that the sand started to roll towards me and I got scared. All I could do was run!
That Zen garden is right next to city hall, which houses among other things, the police station. As
we ran by I looked inside and saw a cop looking at us with malicious intent.

Oh, shit Geoff, that cop is going to shoot us! I screamed.

We ran all the way back to the University center without looking back and
hid out on the main deck. We spent the rest of the night there watching the trees wake up. We could see
them stretching and yawning as day approached. They leaned forwards towards the sunrise. As the sun
came up we were just starting to come down. Still, I felt the colors coming from the sun and wrapping
themselves around me like a blanket. I could feel the color and it was warm. We eventually got up off the
deck and headed home. And I never peed myself.


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