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freaky friday!

Me and my mates have had shrooms a couple times but nothin too intense.

Me and my mates have had shrooms a couple times but nothin too intense. im 19, and my boyf is 21, our mates r all between those ages. this paricular week we decided to get f**ked up!! so on thursday i got on t'internet and ordered the fresh shrooms, 30g columbian, which we'd had before, and 60g of bplus and 30g of yangoon. now our mates r pretty close trusted group of lads so we knew wed b fine wi a large group of us, ther was 8 of us and i was the only girl but i dont care because the lads r my sesh mates neway!! it was in me and my boyfriends house wer we all usually hang so we wer all fairly chilled and comfortable, except from knowing we wer about to trip out!! so we got on it and started to brew up. first lad ad is brew, a phat brew mixed with all three types of shrooms!! i decided i dint want a mix, i was just gonna have yangoon, which sounded like they wer the trippiest, i reckon i was right! so we all ad our brews, every single shroom was consumed and the night began. firstly one lad downed a shot of wisky and proceeded t throw up all over my coffe table!! so e had t clean it up but kept forgetting what he was doing, but i stood over im t make sure, cuz i wasnt gonna do it, i wasnt yet trippin, just that nervous tummy feelin that starts t spread over your body!! the lads usually play on the cd decks mixing there dance music and they wer tryin t do it but they all kept forgetting what they wer supposed t b doin, i was coming up now and the bouncy house dance was a blag and a half!! so jimmy is on the decks tryin t av a mix n neil is stood next t him waitin t go next, the rest of us r sat down watchin ricky play GTA san andreas(the bain of my life!!!)and i heard ricky whisper, "im lost in the game, its my world now, im the guy" (ricky is black like the guy in GTA!)next thing i hear neil shoutin "jimmy! jimmy! come on man! wot u doin" looked round jimmy is collapsed in neils arms, gone completely. his head and arms and whole boday was just lolling limply and neil was freakin out!! "someone help me!!" hes shoutin "jimmy come on wake up come on were r u!!" we all jump up n jimmy suddenly wakes up looks around and es pale as a ghost a looks proper ill. e staggers over t a chair and sits down, i get im a drink of water. wot the fuck is goin on ere? my head is so thrashed, the room is turning into a kelidoscope (however u spell it!) its all wavy round the edges but its so comfy, the dark red n cream wallpaper relaxes me n i remember jimmy!! he starts to try t explain wot had happened to him, the colour is coming back t his face now and i forget how scary it all was. we now know he sort of left his body, sounds like he had a levle 5!! so i put on some hip hop t diffuse the situation, lovin the eazy e!! i need t get stoned, i go outside t pull myself a bucket. but i cant, i cannot crumble the weed!! i ask everyone wots goin on, i smoke weed all the time, why cant i crumble tonight, then they explain t me, im trippin out!! dummy, how did i forget that!! so i calm down and get colin to load me a bucket and have it then me and colin start t discuss wot is happening, "it isnt real reality this is it colin, its not real?" "no zoe its not" he says, we all think wer in a dream, but at least im keepin a grasp on the fact that im trippin n not just goin insane!! so i decide to go to the toilet and i slowly proceed through the house with my hands and face pressed against the wall, it feels so good and look at all the funny patterns on the wall paper there so cool!!! i finally get into the bathroom and do my thing!! then i stand up and fasten my pants and i start t panick!! this isnt right i dont feel like i do when im drunk i think, but zoe u aint drunk ur on shrooms i tell myself, i no, but its really wierd, nothing seems real!! no its not real, i say t myself, your on mushroom mountain now, theyv got u , theyv completely got u!! but this made me relax, i new that i wasnt in control any more and it was great, just let it happen just let it flow i thought!! i wish i could take this attitude towards real life, the loss of controll was so freeing (if thats even a word!!) i dint have t worry now bout wot i did r said because its not me, its the shrooms, im a puppet to them!! its not even real and every1 nos its not real, they arent even real!! the thoughts on my head wer so bizzarre but somehow made complete sense. i thought about wot was goin on downstairs, 7 trippin lads wandering round in this imaginary world!! not just any lads tho, my lads, me boyz!! i new theyd all do nefin for me they wer all so great, im gonna go and hug them!! so i made my way back downstairs, again with my hands and face against the wall paper, i really dont no why, the stensils on the stairs looked so amazing!! then i hear a lound clattering bang!! john is running up the stairs with the cordless ps2 pad in his hand, he falls over and curls up on the 2nd step!! "wot u doin, y u got the pad in ur hand?" i ask him, i think some one had been chasin him, tryin t get it off him and forgot, because he had no idea wot e was doing! we both started laughing our heads of and he said he needed the loo so i go t find my boyfriend pazz who is looking very blagged!! he tried to explain that his trip kept changing very quickly and he didnt know what t do wi himself, this was obviously down t the three different types of shrooms hed eaten which all gave very different effects!!
i can hardly find the words t discribe wot i was feelin but it was good!! the minor panic set in everytime i went t the loo and started t question wot was happening to me, but i just repeated the explaination "im on mushroom mountain , theyv got my and its not real!!!" i think that the panic came from finding myself alone and away from my boyz, which is something im nervous about at the best of times! i dont feel safe wi out my trusted lads t protect my from the big bad world. but tonight we wer all inside my nice safe house, and i was not goin anywer, i was lovin it too much in my cosy little environment!! the trip gradually wore of and i was left feelin absolutely drained. i felt i really had climbed the mushroom mountain!! it takes a lot out of u mentally because ur brain must b doin some serious overtime!! i aint done shrooms since, not cause i dint like it, but i just aint felt in the exact right frame of mind since, and i want t do it right. i no the good is good, so i dread t think how bad the bad is!!
so us darweners no how t trip out in style and safety and wer gonna get on it again durin the summer and wen we do il b back ere reportin it!! btw the shrooms from redeyefrog.com kick arse we got sum shitty ones from a dodgy all nite chippy my cousin got them from newcastle wer e goes uni, nothing compared t the redeyefrog babies. NOTHING!!! i love shrooms, thanks shroomery for some top info and funny trip reports!!

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