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Fraternity Blues

When I got the 4 grams, I new I was in for a real hard trip.

When I got the 4 grams, I new I was in for a real hard trip. I had heard from other people that they were unusually potent. The grower advised me to take the minimal dose of 1.5 grams. I took 2 because I didn't believe him.

My buddy and I dumped it all into a blender making a citrus psychedelic cocktail. We drank it down with 7 other guys and 1 girl in my fraternity house. As soon as I drank mine I immediately became uneasy. The group went upstairs to a small room where I laid down on a bed. It couldn't have been more than 15-20 minutes before I was out of my mind. One of the guys turned off all of the lights and turned up Pink Floyd "Animals" up very loud, I was very uncomfortable at this time. So uncomfortable I had to leave the room. In the hallway I saw one of my best friends who decided not to trip because "too many people were" He looked at me and said "You are bugging out! I can tell" I said, "you were right about the whole thing."

From there I headed straight for the bathroom...my vision had never been this warped (and its been very warped in the past). I fell into the toilet and let out one huge spew of vomit. I have tripped in excess of 10 times and never ever have I thrown up before.

I looked in the mirror...collected my thoughts...washed my mouth out. Then I began freaking out about throwing up. Everything was way too intense. I looked at my watch and only 30 minutes had gone by since ingestions. Despite throwing up I'm pretty sure all of my drugs had been absorbed because I tripped as long as everyone else that took different shrooms and kept it down.

Finally I went downstairs. I went to the formal room and began watching baseball on the bigscreen tv. I never watch baseball but for some reason I felt comfortable there. As I began to relax and the trip overcame me the pledges began asking me what it was like. I told them to never trip inside this fraternity house, that it is much more fulfilling to do it outdoors in nature. Many things happened over the course of the evening but most of the time I was using every effort I could to bring myself out of it. As always the only remedy is time.

I have been off target lately with shrooms. What used to be fun mind expansion has turned into "hoping I won't bug out this time" One should not ever shroom with this mentality because it is what brings out the problems in the first place. I think I'll take about a year off.

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