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Fourth of July

On the Fourth of July last summer, a bunch of friends and I decided to trip for the fireworks.

On the Fourth of July last summer, a bunch of friends and I decided to trip for the fireworks. My closest friend decided not to trip (she never had before) and she would drive us around. This was only like the third time I'd tripped, but every other time had been so much fun, I was excited. We took them at a friend's house and then planned on walking to the nearest park to see the fireworks. But later everyone decided that we should go downtown St Paul since there was a lot of stuff going on down there. My friend drove us all and on the way we started to feel the effects. Everything was fine at first, but when we arrived, everything went wrong.
We forgot lawn chairs and blankets and brought beer, pot and fireworks, but left them in the car. As we walked toward the concert my friend who was driving remembered that she locked her keys in the van. This didn't seem to be a problem at first, we just decided we'd deal with it after the fireworks. THe two other girls that were tripping and I tweaked out when we saw all the people and cops all around us and it was too much to take. WE were tripping really hard then, so we decided we'd leave and get the keys out. The two other girls went to go find a bathroom and were gone for a long time, the driver and me and my boyfriend went back to the car and since the two other guys were missing too, that's when things started to get really bad for me. I could hear a constant buzzing alll around me and I was starting to see some really awesome trails that would have been fun if I wasn't so scared. I started feeling really warm and nauseous and when my friend said maybe we should get the cops to open the van, I couldn't take it anymore. I had to sit down in between some cars and put my head between my knees. Here we were in downtown St Paul, with paraf and illegal things in our locked car and my purse was in the car too! Once one of the guys pulled the sliding window open enough, the driver climbed through and opened the car. By then I was so out of sorts that I got irritated at anyone trying to help me or asking questions (or really even talking in general) We finally decided to return home, but the driver went the wrong way at first and I was trying to help her since everyone else didnt seem to care. I was so terrified and I couldnt see the signs or anything and felt so bad for my friend driving.
Then when we got on the highway she noticed she was near out of gas, so we had to stop. We had to stop at a pretty bad neighborhood which didnt help. Then when the gas pump didnt work, everyone in the car started laughing. Since they weren't any help, I had to go in and ask for help.
We ended up watching the fireworks from the van windows on the drive home and then got stuck in traffic after them. Finally we got back to my friend's house and hung out on the playground across the street. After all of this, I was so flustered that I had to sit down and just cry! After awhile we went into my friend's garage and pulled bong loads and drank couple of beers and the rest of the night was totally cool!
In conclusion, I recommend that even if you don't eat that much mushrooms stay around places and people comfortable to you and DONT DRIVE ANYWHERE!!! Otherwise, the experience is totally fun :>

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