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Forested Adventure

This Trip took place on my May Long Weekend camping trip with my friends.

This Trip took place on my May Long Weekend camping trip with my friends. We were out a forested area near our city camping. At about 9 pm I ate one eight(2.5 grams) of some blueish purpley black caps. I felt the effects in about 20 minutes. I started to feel the classic body stone and was enjoying my friends funny drunk or stoned antics. By 10:30 things started to get weird!! I started to see Aztec like patterns move across my boyfriend's and friend's faces. I started staring into the fire completely mezmorizied by faces and demon like creatures dancing in the flames. I then went for a short walk with my friend to the outhouse. I lost complete sense of reality while passing all the other campsites. All of them seemed like the still pictures and time seemed to be frozen all around me. I started to see cartoon characters when i closed my eyes. Everything that was white or light colored seemed to start glow in the dark around me. As my peak started to hit, It was ruined by a couple of cops which came by our campsite. I was then forced to clear my mind and be able to talk to the cops and act completely normal. But all in all that trip was one of my best ever!!!

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