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Forest Tripping

It was my first year at college and I had been experimenting with life in general.

It was my first year at college and I had been experimenting with life in general. I had made alot of new friends who were very experienced trippers in almost anything. I had just started smoking cannibus but I was already a pro at it. I was born a POTHEAD! Alot of my friends tried to convice me to try another drug but I always said no. Then one day we decided to do mushrooms. My roommate, who I was close with had never tried it and she said she wanted to. So when the news spread to others that we would do it, four others decided to join. Two of the guys who hated each other but were my friends wanted to experience my first trip with me, since they felt they influenced my decision. ONe was weary because he said you have to trip with someone who is experienced and who you feel completely comfortable with because it will give you a good trip.
Some of them ate the mushrooms we decided to make tea. Me and my roommate had 1/2 an eighth each in tea. We decided to trip in the forest, this university seemed as though it was designed for tripping. IT was 3 guys and 3 girls, the guys had done it before but us girls hadn't. We walked down to a hill and sat on the bench. We heard that if you smoked a bowl it would intensify the trip. So I smoked about 3 hits of good chronic. I didn't feel anything, just a normal high. Then we just sat around observign the beautiful senere. Things slowly began to trail, about an hour after we ate them. Some of the people we were with began to say they felt the trip coming on and I just didn't. I started to feel something but I got really quiet I didn't want to speak. My roommate on the other hand and the other guy Tim started talking a million words a minute and my thought process seemed to not be able to process what they were saying. I would nodd. I started to avoid them, my roommat would go in my face and her eyes were wide, pupils very dialated and ask, "do you feel it, are you o.k., are you tripping yett?." I didnt' even answer I would walk away, I thought she was crazy. We decided to go into the actual forest. It was winter and it was cold a little rainy. WE desended in the forest altogether and decided to go to a certain tree. NO one had been there but we had all heard of the spot. So after a bit of arguing, which was very annoying, we were on our way. IT was a little after 8 p.m. The floor began to breathe and the trails of anything were everywhere, but I felt very much in control and was enjoying it. I kept thinking it's ok. I know I'm tripping anything wierd is because of that. As we walked on my friends got more annoying and so I would enjoy my trip I started to mentally dismiss anything that was annoying. I would go to the person who seemed the most stable and it varied. We walked on and on and on. We started reaching very muddy places, it had started to rain. I began to see things, There would be rocks and I swore I was seeing a whole lot of people and things all around me. We only had 2 small flashlights so we couldn't really see anything, no lights anywhere. As my roommate, Anna and her friend Ashley and Tony started peaking they were afraid and decided they wanted to retreat go back to the room. I decided to stay with the two guys because I knew they were experienced and well I would enjoy my trip with ones I knew were stable. So we gave them a flashlight and as we went deeper into the forest they went back. We had walked for about 20 minutes, maybe less, and were peaking when we heard yelling and loud talking, we could see a distant flashlight and suddenly one of the guys Todd screams, "IT's cops, they are chasing us, RUNNN!!". In complete darkness we ran like hell. I stuck with Tim and Todd ran ahead with the flashlight. We ran deeper into the forest for like 5 minutes and then we were completely covered by the canapy of the trees in the forest. THe rain had begun and it was strong. It was as you could feel it (the sound) throughout your body. Tim told me to squat down and keep queit so we wouldn't be heard. I was tripping balls but still mentally feeling stable in control. I could see all these neon colors around Tim and his face was trailing. His mouth was running but I didn't understand a single word. I was trying to think of what I would tell the police if I was caught. I wasn't scared, just a bit worried. After like 20 minutes of sitting still, I got panicky and wanted to know where Todd was. I told Tim we need to find him we can't loose him , we need to stick together. We found him and like always he was annoyed with Tim. Tim walked off to explore and me and Todd sat there talking. He said do you know that there isnt' people for miles? These questions made me think, "what am I doing?" I am in the middle of the forest with two guys who I've only known for 4 months, tripping balls in the middle of a forest and it's raining. We were lost too and being chased by the cops. We walked a little further and decided to go to a path. The paths were trippy curvy and lead to little areas of the forest. We were lost but on trail, which was more confusing then anything else. We decided not to go to the tree but wanted to get out of the forest. We walked, got lost for like 45minutes to an hour. It seemed like days though. We were determined to get out but couldn't find a way out. We could see some builings now but still we couldn't find our way out.
Finally we climbed this hill which took us some time becasue everything was muddy and we were slipping. Finally we stepped out of the forest onto sidewalk and a streetlight is all we saw, I was filled with joy. We all screamed YES! And felt so connected with each other. We felt the rain hit our face and were so exited. We began to talk alot, then we saw people and said shhhhhh be quiet they are going to knwo we are tripping. We went back to the dorms as we were coming down but still occationally tripping and got stoned the whole night. Smoked so many bong loads. As we came back to the room I almost felt out of place I wanted to be alone, so I left. I went to hang out with some people who were drinking that night and that was not fun they were annoying and looked so stupid. I went to bed and as I tried to fall asleep I stared at the stars, the posters in my room and the lava lamp, everything was trippyyyyyyyyyy.
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