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foreign land

ok, this all started when my friend, lets call him J, envited me and a group of my friends (C,K,A,JN,T)to his cabin for a night, i obviously took it as a perfect opportunity to mush.

ok, this all started when my friend, lets call him J, envited me and a group of my friends (C,K,A,JN,T)to his cabin for a night, i obviously took it as a perfect opportunity to mush. so i bought a large bag of shrooms to there. i'm not sure how much there was, like 12-14g's.
Immediately after we got there, me, T, J and A. split the bag 4 ways. this was my 4th time, A's 2nd, J's 4th and T's 1st. Well, these shrooms were strongest ones i ever had. i was expecting it to be about an hour before these things kicked in but, i was feeling the effects within 20 mins, damn these were good shrooms.

K and C, were smoking bud just about every 2 hours during this day. We decided to watch a movie, but J brought a bad vcr which ate one on the tapes i brought, so that was out. we found a trivial persuit board game lying around, so decided to test our inteligence. I was feeling pretty happy at this time. A looked REALLY happy.

for a while things were going pretty well, we were playing in teams of 2 moving around the board, answering questions etc. then after a while everyone was showing major signs of being totally messed. we were loosing track of how the game was played. we weren't taking turns in order or anything, we were having trouble rolling the dice and we started moving the wrong peices on the board.

So we just gave up on the game since we didn't know who's turn it was anymore, it was like the rules were irrellivant. So i decided to take a couple lawn chairs up to the deck on the second floor. I figure i wanna sit outside while my trip is happening, be outside with nature. T and C decided to join me on the deck. A was lying on the couch saying how he was melting into it and laughing hysterically.

C passed me some skittles, i had trouble chewing them, 1 felt like a rock so i spit it out. This is when i started triping hardcore. the wood on the railing of the deck, looked like it had faces looking at me and stuff, but that was nothing compared to the sites beyond the cabin. this cabin is in the middle of the forest and during the time we were there it was spring, so there were no leaves on the trees and the grass was all yellow and dead. This stuff really looked nuts, i felt i was on a different planet with foreign plants and trees.

So i was in this alien world, were the trees looked like they were made out of viens Everything looked so alive. all over the cabin there were spider nests, scattered everywhere along the wood boards. I was consumed with the thought of that life was everywhere and life was a beutiful thing, etc. Imagine you were an alien who just stepped foot on the earth and saw all these bizarre plants, those were the thoughts i was feeling. While i was mesmerized by all the stuff around me i didn't seem to notice T fall out his chair laughing and talking about how the sun was going through his eyes mesauging his brain. did i metion these shrooms were increadable?

Then C asked me if i wanted to go start a fire. i was all like "hell yeah" so me C, J and K went to go start a bonfire in the pit, while J and T sat up in the deck and while A was tripping out around the cabin.
We went to the shack and got the gasoline, we needed fire wood so started gathering it, all the trees where dead, so as i grabbed branches they would rip apart like styrophome. Then me and C went to other people's cabins to steel their wood. I was having the time of my life, so much fun. Once we got the fire going we decide to make some explosions, and give the guys on the deck a little show.

We started filling up plastic containers with gasoline and throwing it on the fire. coke cans, slurpee cups, anything we could find, i poured the gasoline cuz i was too afraid to get close to the fire for fear of getting engulfed by it. A finally came out of the cabin, looking like he didn't know what he was doing, staring at the fire, we got him to trow a slurpee cup full of gas into the fire. totally missed the fire, gas spilled all over the grass.

while other people were still by the fire pit, i went back into the cabin, i was so exhausted from stealing firewood, so i sat on the couch and for the next hour i couldn't take or move. Just sitting in awe at everything around me distorting like i was underwater. A few other people were upstairs where i later learned they sat in a room just staring at each other for an hour, i thought that was kinda creepy.

I started looking at my hands and they were looking all wavy and stuff and then it starting looking almost alien like. i could see the viens in my arm breathing life into my body, i so overwhelmed with the beauty of life, how everything was alive and living in harmony with each other. Looking at my alien hands, it was like i've never seen the human race before and we all looked alien like. it was unexplainable. I've never been that "out of my mind" in my life. I can't wait till i do it again.

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