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Foaming Shooting Ecstasy


Hello! Being on this list has definitely inspired me to push the envelope a bit re: dosage. I remember reading somewhere that somebody was thanking T. McKenna for strongly suggesting they go over 5g (cubensis) for dramatically different trips.

Last sunday I ate 7 grams and had the most wonderful trip! Excessive stomach cramps, but that's ok. It was quite visual, with undescribably interesting rapidly changing things...mostly patterns, not pictures. I choose to trip alone mostly, as I feel very free to fully express my tripping self alone. I talked a mile a minute, I wish I'd gotten the recorder set up before I started tripping too hard to deal with it. I was filled with bliss, with foaming shooting ecstacy! I was so high I could barely move, let alone walk! Let's just say that when a CD ended, I was unable to change it for a long time.

And I'd like to strongly recommend Steve Roach for mushroom voyaging. I listened to "Soma" (with Robert Rich) that night. Steve Knows about Mushrooms. It's just so clear from his music. He Really KNOWS. Anybody else out there that trips on his stuff? I'd also recommend Dreamtime Return as a great album to experience bemushroomed.

This trip was so deep and profound....the moon was in Pisces, my wife explains that this can mean a more emotionally open/charged time, so of course my trip reflected that.

the main point I wanted to post about was the great effect that this trip (and others in the past) have on my life when I'm not tripping. I mostly tripped out on people I know and how I want to relate to them, and how I want to be in my life (right action, right conduct). Mushrooms help me see clearly how I want to be in my life. I came in the house about 2/3 of the way through and wrote down a whole bemushroomed "to do" list with items like: hugging people, telling people how much they mean to me, making connections on passed up but still available opportunities for friendship, returning items I've had too long, information on how I want to communicate with some of my co-workers. Seemingly basic life stuff, but when tripped on........

What tripping helps me do is bring that spiritual, grounded, blissful mushroom energy to the average stuff in my every day life. It is possible to act in my best way in everyday dealings with life and I strive to do that.

Mushrooms are GOOD for me! They produce positive, beneficial life changes as well as an amazingly interesting and ecstatic state. Mushrooms improve my relationships with everyone I know. They help me see where my priorities lie and what my values really are.

I feel that getting these kinds of insights is most well realized by ingestion of large amounts of mushrooms (5-10g cubensis, perhaps 2-3g cyanescens) and doing this in a quiet, dark setting either alone or with just a few other tripping people.

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