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About 9, me and my friend each took 2 grams of mushrooms, and layed down in my room.

About 9, me and my friend each took 2 grams of mushrooms, and layed down in my room. In about 20 minutes I started laughing at everything he said, and felt really relaxed. I turned on my black light, and looked up my ceiling and saw hundreds of neon snakes crawling around and came down my walls. For some reason I wasn't worried or scared that there were snakes all over my room. I kept looking around my room, and there was a monkey driving a space ship, and was shooting lasers down at my bed. I could not keep my attention on anything and my eyes kept jumping around the room as I saw brand new stuff. I saw demon faces and stuff I can't explain just floating around. Then we started listening to Tec9, and he has this song that has a machine gun in it, and i damn near shit my pants. I soon realized it was the music. I looked to another wall and it was just a big spiral of neon colors that seemed to be sucking me in. I looked deep into and got a hypnotizing feeling, and i stared at it forever. When i looked over again i saw an assembly line that had demons feeding teddy bears into a meat grinder and i busted up laughing at that one. My carpet looked like a village of miniature people and then would transform into patterns, and puzzles. By this time my it looked like i was inside a piano, and parts of my ceiling was being pressed down like the keys. The walls closed in and the ceiling dropped and then out of nowhere my whole mood changed and i didn't see anything good after that. I was still tripping good, because I thought my friend was a homeless guy that stole all my socks, and was just hanging out in my room. Then I went blank for a while and the next thing I remember is my friend taking his lighter and catching my sock on fire was it was still on me!!! Not a lot happened after that except extreme laughting. The trip was not the longest I've ever had. It was about 4 hours compared to some 6 hour trips I have had but it was intense for 2 grams while it lasted.

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