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Flowing Rivers of Wood, complexity of Nature Realized.

i expected shrooms to be "in your face" with visuals and shit forcing themselves into your field of vision.

i expected shrooms to be "in your face" with visuals and shit forcing themselves into your field of vision. i expected it to be harsh and forceful. what i got was something completely different. and i realized it was about much more than "seeing" shit.

at about 12:30am my friend and i took the shrooms (gf pussied out), 2g each, on a sandwich with jelly. (had no pb left :wtc then we rolled a blunt and went outside to chill and smoke it. after we were pretty blazed, we wandered back in the house. we sat around watching tv, and i was really anxious and nervous for the shrooms to kick in. about 45 min into it, i was basically forcing myself to see things, which got me frustrated, so i made myself chill out. one hour and 20 in and still nothing great. i tell my friend we didnt take enough, that the subtle visuals we saw were nothing special, and the peak would be uneventful. its what we fully both expected, and started making plans to take more another day.

then, my friend started claiming he saw movement in the hardwood floors, which i didnt believe. but he insisted. i sat down on the stairs and concentrated on the texture of the walls, as my gf played the piano. slowly but surely. things started to flow. it was like i could see the molecules traveling throughout the wall, and it appeared to be melting or smearing downwards. i knew this was a good sign.

my friend and i went outside to walk around on a nice little nature trip. we were laughing and in very good moods, thoughts seemed to be clearer. everytime we passed a tree, the bark texture caught my attention. id watch it swim and sink and laugh about it. i realized we looked like idiots staring at peoples trees and started laughing a lot. told my friend we had to go back into my gf's backyard.

so we went back and sat under a tree. heres when the first tripping started. i was so fucking amazed with the littlest shit. id pick up branches and shit and notice the smallest parts of them, analyze the fuck out of them with geuine interest. everything was so ridiculously complex and possessed parts id never even dreamed existed. i realized that theres so much going on in this world that we dont realize. we take it all for granted or simply dont notice. i was having such a trip just starting at the grass and looking at how it developed and whatnot. we went inside to get my gf, because my friend wanted to get cigars from a local shop. we made the long walk and it was quite a trip. things seemed to flow and everything seemed amusing. we got back to my gf's house around the time everything was peaking.

all i can tell you is that i layed on my stomach, eyes to the wood floorboards, mouth open as i watched the wood grain flow like a river, distorting and waving at will. it was soooo interesting, and so captivating. i couldve sat there all day. it was so at peace with my surroundings, i was in the greatest mood ever. and then i realized that shrooms werent about seeing shit. they were about chilling out and noticing the details around you for once. taking some time to pay attention to normally unnoticted things. theres so much shit going on around is, its phenomenal. i sat on the floor for about an hour, blissful and having the best time of my life. my friend and eye locked eyes at one point and just seem to connect, like we knew exactly what was going on. we started going into laughing fits, we were hysterical crying and all smiles.

basically, i went into this expecting to see shit and then tell people about it. its so beyond that. everytime i try to explain what the day i was like, i get frustrated cause words dont do it justice. and i dont know where to start. all im saying is, do shrooms. you will have the best time of your life and you will know exactly what i mean.

i hate this, its so frustrating, i wish i could offer more detail.

i really loved the experience and am VERY glad i did it. i know im leaving so much out but thats because so much happened. ah well, i cant try and explain any more. just take my word for it and do them.

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