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Florecent trip

Ok so I bought about 26grams as our stash is yet finished.

Ok so I bought about 26grams as our stash is yet finished. I started preparing by buying glowsticks. We started our trip at 1030pm and ended around 8am.

Started out my best friend, Great friend, and myself went to the bar with some other aquantances that we all know. 6 beers late me and my best friend are drunk. I made sure he experienced shit the same as I as he never realized trips like myself since I'm alot more hardcore into them as he is. Myself doing shrooms, acid, Pot, E. Him doing only Pot, Shrooms.

After the bar we got another phsycodelic phenom to join us to eat the 35grams along with me and my best friend. We tried to get 6 of us but 3 didn't show up for it. Me being one of the stronger trippers I decided to set the pace. My best friend we will call BF and good shroom friend GSF so no one gets confusede. LOL I already am.

I grabbed the bag and grabbed 5grams. by BF grabbed 4 and my GSF grabbed 1. I ate my 5 like breakfast. I love the taste to a point. by BF ate his like as if he hated them, he has to prepare alot before doing them. My GSF probably was high before he came over and only at 1 shroom. After 20minutes I convinced my BF to eat another 2 grams to catch up to me as I was eating my 6th gram. After this we conviced our GSF to eat another 3 grams. SO as things sat I ate 6g my BF ate 6g my GSF ate 4g, out of 26grams.

We started by getting the glowsticks glowing. Awesome sight they were to see. After that we turned on some physodelic trance and started to groove to the music. We all almost had similar trips which was awesome cause we all understood eachother after a fashoin of course.

We started in the living room, I was twirling batons, my BF made a crown and my GSF took 2 sticks and started twirling them in circles making different patterns. We did this for around an hour. then wen't outside at about 12am and spent until 5am outside. We made glowsticks into frisbee's and threw them around and after awhile the cats came outside and we put glowsticks around them and chased them around.

After a while doing this I went inside to grab some alcahol since I love to drink. and I found a kitty and played atleast for 30minutes. Then by this time I forgot about the alcahol and went outside again. After a bit we went and sat on the porch and started talking about things that have absolulty no point.

After 20 minutes of this I got tired on the glowsticks and started hating them. Unfortunatly I had a crown and a necklace on me so I couldn't look up or down. I got so pissed off I threw them down and walked into the living room which had Underworld Evolutions ready to play as I like watching the intensity of this movie on shrooms.
The only light was a steady green light which I Could handle.

I started watching it. Soon after I started the movie I started tripping really bad. I started tripping that they were real and I was apart of the movie. Since I was still in control somewhat I stopped that real quick. By 6am I started passing out. So I decided to put my head into the blackness of the couch and finished my little bit of trip I had left and fell asleep.

This was a very awesome visual trip for me as I still was able to reamin focused. I'm glad I decided to buy the Glowsticks and that we played the music like we did cause it made out trip fun as hell. I want alot more trips like this.

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