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floating in gym

This was my third experience with magic mushrooms.

This was my third experience with magic mushrooms. I use LSD weekly and about once every 2 months I experiment more with mushrooms. Well I was planning on getting 6 grams for the weekend. Well, my dealer showed up at school at lunch and sold me the shrooms, and told me to eat them now because him and another friend of mine were trippin on shrooms that day too. So I went to the bathroom and munched on them until they were all gone. After lunch I went to my fifth period class. When I got there I realized that the trip was starting to come on, I began to feel very high. About halfway throught the class I started to have very nice visuals. The grain On my desk flowed to the right as if it were going down some sort of river. When I looked at my teachers face it seemed to fade colors from red to green to blue. I looked at the ceiling and I saw an amazing pattern that would rotate. After my fifth period was over I went to gym class. When I got there I sat on the gym floor and was very amazed to find that the lines of tape that were on the floor would all began to turn and flow in my direction, I got A very strange feeling when this happened, it was as if I had broken throuth some sort of passage in the universe that gave me the ability to communicate with the floor, the walls, and everything on earth. My jackass gym teacher made me get up and run laps with the rest of the class. While I was running I felt as if my legs had fallen behind the rest of my body and that I was floating. After gym I went to sixth, but nothing really amazing happened so Iam going to end my story here.

Good luck ot all the people who are thinking of using LSD, mushrooms, or any other hallucinegen. But always remember to try to have some fun.

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