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The trip started out great.

The trip started out great. It was my first time to try shrooms, a couple of other guys and I picked em while at work one day. We got a about 5 nice size gulf coast p. cubenis. I have to say that i was a little hesitant at first but decided to go ahead with it, so i broke mine up in some grape All Sport, swished it around for about 10 minutes, and then chuged it. I really dont know what i expected, and after not feeling efects for awhile i decided to eat a cap and stem, I think that toped it off.

We left the job site after that, I was riding in the back of the suburban with the windows down, all of a suden a gust of wind came through and lifted my arms up. they were light as a feather, every time the wind blew through they lifted up, it was crazy. In a matter of about two seconds the shrooms kicked my ass, I was scared but totaly amazed. So for the next 30 minutes or so i was ocupied in the back seat with my arms, the other two guys were laughing there ass off the whole time. For some unknown reason I ask the driver to stop at MacDonalds, when i got inside i fliped out, paranoya set in, all the people in this place started staring at me or so i thought. I didnt know what to do i just wanted to hide but when i got back in the truck i was ok, it was weird , as long as i was riding i was ok.

So we started back again and the visuals started. At that point they were only closed eye visuals, i loved this part, first i saw some spheres floating with cones protruding out of them. The guys in the front were talking to me but i couldnt understand them. I closed my eyes again and there was this budhist temple spinning in circles on top of a geometric pattern this was very cool. When i opened my eyes this time i had this carzy feeling, a wierd conection to nature, i felt like i was part of the earth, this was the greatest feeling and i never wanted it to end.

About five minutes from the office my open eyed visuals started. We drove past a truck and the rim on the truck got as big as a house, i was starting to have bad crazies. We pulled into the office and I realized i had to drive home. I tried to kill some time talking to the guys on my crew, but i couldnt carry a conversation, I kept getting distracted by things. I noticed something on the door of the office when i went over to it the door started to fall on me i tried to run and almost hit this big boulder that appeared behind me. I dont remember driving until i was almost home, stopped at a red light i noticed that my dash started melting and driping in the floor of my truck, I shook my head a couple of times and it went back to normal. Then I noticed the truck in front of me did the same thing and started dripping on the road. I was really freaking out and i still had to go home to face my parents, I knew it was gona be hard as hell.

I got home hoping that my parents wouldnt be there but they were. I ran straight past them to the bathroom, my mom came in and tried to talk to me but i couldnt understand, she looked like she was down this long hallway but she was right there. I told them i was ok and they left, I got in the shower and everything started sucking down the drain, I thought i was going to get sucked in so i jumped out. When i got dressed i noticed that my senses were ten times stronger than normal I could here people across the street talking and i was in the back room of my house with the door shut. I was laying in the bed at this point and shit kept going throgh my mind. I kept thinking there was stuff I had to do, i thought my parents knew i was doing shrooms, I couldnt keep one thought in my head. I tried to watch tv but it scared me. I was going crazy, I could smell and hear all kinds of shit and I couldnt take it. Finally I calmed down, I drank a sprite and my mind focused on the fruity taste that it had and the way it felt going down.

This trip was ok, but i didnt like being paranoid and the fear that i felt. I havent tried shrooms since but i would i guess, but next time ill have someone with me to talk to. If anyone has any sugestions about how to make my next trip better please e-mail me. chaos557@aol.com


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