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Fish Parade Extravaganza

It was my first time experimenting with shrooms and it was one of the best times of my life!

It was my first time experimenting with shrooms and it was one of the best times of my life! My friend and I decided to try shrooms one day while his mom was at work, we took the shrooms, one and a half grams each, around 10 am. we heard that drinking orange juice enhances your trip, and Im pretty sure it did.

Around 11 am I started tripping. The Shrooms had no effect on my friend, so he smoked a couple grams of weed and chilled. Mean while i was in my own little world. We were in his basement and his walls are wood paneling, they were moving and they were shiny, it looked like they were part of the ocean. The posters on his walls were also colored in weird ways, like shiny red, green and blue.

I decided to go upstairs so I could have more light, it was too dark in the basement for me. I sat in his living room for the next 4 hours watching the floor, curled up in a chair, making sure not to touch the floor. On the floor was one of the most magnificent things I had ever seen. It was a fish parade, that's right, a parade of fish. There is no other way to describe it. The fish were like something out of a doctor suess book, they were 2-d and just drawings, no color, just outlines. the fish were jumping across the floor as if spawning up stream. These fish made me extremely happy, so happy that i teared up thinking everything in the world was fantastic.

however, my happiness was not gonna last for long. while looking at the fish i noticed something above them. it was a woman, she too was a drawing on the floor, no color just another outline. She did not make me happy, she was EVIL. she started chewing on her arm, biting it up and chewing it off. it started to gush blood, just outlines, but it scared the shit outta me. she then started to move towards me, I was paralyzed with fear. I was so scared, but it was so fasinating that i couldnt bring myself to move. It got to the point where I had to call my friend in so he could step on the woman to make her go away. After the woman was gone I went back to watching the fish and carpet move as if an ocean.

My friend decided he was bored and jealous that I was tripping and not him, so we headed off to the mall. In the car everything was flying by, I however was focused on a key ring. the key ring had a scratch on the back that vaguely resembled a baseball player, this baseball player that i was watching was swinging at a ball and hitting it off the key ring, once it left the key ring I couldnt see it anymore. He just kept swinging and swinging.

I remember getting to the mall and going in but I remember nothing of the time while inside the mall.

When we left the mall it was around 6:30 at night and he had his headlights on. I kept seeing people in the headlights, not real people but more drawings. You would think the shrooms would have worn off by now but because we smoked lots of weed before we entered the mall, the shrooms were still going. not in full swing but they were still going. I kept telling him not to hit the people in the road which, was not good because that there were no people in the road and he was fucked up.

When we got back to his house I had the greatest urge to jump in the snow (I hate snow). I jumped in and got my pants wet laughing the entire time. I also had an urge to eat grapes while sitting under his ping-pong table. I sat under the table but had no grapes.

Being on shrooms was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I am a girl weighing around 115 pounds and was 17 at the time. I am now 18 and hope to do shrooms again soon. hopefully trip even more this time too.

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