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First/last good/bad trip

I was at my friends house trying shrooms for my first and last time.

I was at my friends house trying shrooms for my first and last time. I had about 4 at first, about an hour later they still hadn't kicked in so I took a couple more, 20 minutes later, still nothing, so I ate some more, about another 20 minutes after that I went outside and I started to get a body trip. Me and my friends started walking down the street and I started noticing the trees were 2D and just about everything I looked at looked like it was made of pixels. We went to turn back to my friends house and saw my other friends walking up to us. At first I saw 3 people approaching, then it into 1 person, then 1 person and a dog, then back to 3 people. It seemed like a 10 minute walk which was probably about 30 seconds because it was like they were just walking in place even though they were like 20 feet away. We walked for a little bit to enjoy the scenary while we laughed about stupid things. By then one of my friends skin had turned to a blue tint, and the rest of them had orange and yellow skin. On the way back back to their house I started to believe that one of my friends was god (the blue one), I don't know why, but I did. When we got back we listened to some music for a while, then I went to bed to try to sleep. While I was trying to sleep which was pretty much impossible, I started getting strange visuals in my head of a bunch of blue and orange lights swirling around while at the same time hundreds of purple eyes were starring at me. Slowly I started to lose my sanity thinking that I was going to die. I started feeling sick and thought I might need to go to the hospital or something. After a while of nauseatic stomache cramps I rushed to the bathroom and threw up most or all of the shrooms I ate along with some blood and what appeared to be a piece of my tongue. I felt a little better and tried to go back to sleep but the visuals wouldn't stop and I continued thinking I was going to die and never thought that the trip would end. After an hour or two of watching TV and talking to my friends my trip started to die down and I regained the ability to think in complete sentences. After this experience I will never eat shrooms again.

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