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First two experiences with shrooms (and a question too..)

So me and two of my buddies decided to try shrooms.

So me and two of my buddies decided to try shrooms. We had done a lot of pot by various methods but wanted to try something really psychedelic. In other words, we wanted to hallucinate. Anyway, we got 6 grams of liberty caps from a "store" close to our homes. We divided into about 2 grams for each one of us. We went to a park near my friend's house and sat on a bench and just ate the shrooms. They actually didn't taste too bad. Just a little earthy. Anyway, about half an hour after ingestion, my face felt like it was numbing up a bit near my nose and cheeks. The feeling quickly went away and in another 15 min. or so we were running around the park, chasing and passing a soccer ball and laughing. Then we left the park and were just walking around discussing stuff. It actually just felt like being really stoned on weed cookies. I didn't really notice any really messed up visuals apart from some bushes that were "breathing" and some patterns on the pavement. We went backt to my friends house (I don't remember the timescale) but we were still messed up. I played ALice in WOnderland (a Very messed up game). MY friends were getting snacks and I was talking to myself for a while but we had to keep it really hushed up because his parents were sleeping upstairs. It was pretty fun and the rest of time we trippped out to spongebob square pants.

The next trip we doubled up and took 4 grams of shrooms each. WE tripped at my place (everybody was gone for the weekend). After about half an hour of eating the shrooms one of my friends started getting messed up and we soon followed. This trip was A LOT more messed up. WE were watching spongebob square pants again. I had the curtains drawn across the double doors to my basement and i thought they were flowing like waves on the ocean. Also there were some dried plant arrangements that i thought were moving towards me like snakes. The carpet also looked like it was flowing. And I thought one of the characters in the cartoon was talking to me. Anyway, after about3 hours from the time we ate the shrooms, I felt the body buzz/feeling die down and i thought i was okay. But for the next 2 or 3 hours, all our minds were totally fucked and my friend was lying on the couch asking the same three questions over and over again. We thought we were not going to get better and that we had gone crazy. So like I was trying to fall asleep but couldn't because my brain was super thinking and stuff. So i kept waliking around then trying to sleep. My friends were questioning their existence and stuff like that. Eventually we did get better, the whole thing lasted about 6 hours.

So here's a question: Does the body feeling always die down and leave you with that mental thing? Or is it something that shouldn't have happened, like there was something wrong with the shrooms or something wrong with our minds? I.e. is this normal and should we trip again?
P.S. the two states (the body buzz and mental phase were like totally separate "highs" almost. i dunno its hard to explain)

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