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Amanita and lunch

ingesting 7 grams A musc, heated and ground up in OJ.

ingesting 7 grams A musc, heated and ground up in OJ.

incredibally easy to get down! woo! OJ masks taste as best as i would have it.


i sense i slight numbness in my fingers a bit. my tummy churns, things are
becoming intersting i suppose...


just took a poop, and put some comfy socks on...
numbness occurs wherever i focus my attention, not just fingers.
poop felt really good better than a normal poop. i felt like i was
pooping out of my whole body.


mind is acting fast... racing like fun. i put on some maximum priest
and dancing is wonderful i moved my couch in front of the tv so i
can be comfy while i watch it... the exertion makes my body and mind race..
no visual distortion.


feeling like a slow drunk. slow now... but i know my mind is still fast
wobly like a drunk. energy is gone, mostly.


vision becoming attached... i realize thatif i am to create a transformational force
i need to put my whol consciousness into it. i cannot create a division.

audial distortions... manipulations really. audial manipulations.


tired. really tired, balance is off, hard to walk.


i feel much fuszy


spymoose1 calls... i can talk just fine, hard to focus though, hence me talking and typing
at once.


went to lunch with spymoose1 visual distortion, in sunlight, felt tired, felt really giggly,
at times jokes were extremely abstract.

ate food just fine, no tummy ache.

felt like i am a balloon deflating. thats how i feel. want to nap.


seven grams is definatly not enough to achieve "state" im looking for. in past experience 15 grams got me where i needed to be, now i am just looking for the exact amount that might be recomended. (ie can i go lower than 15 grams to achieve state).
i suppose i should start by decreasing amount instead of at an abitrarily selected lower amount... like 7 ill do 14 next time.



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