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First Tripp...Orange Mini vans.

It was my first time doing mushrooms.

It was my first time doing mushrooms...we decided to hit a local park that had many trees in the Middle of Ottawa,ON,..and i did like 4gs..after 40min nothing was really happening , i felt a little high and thought it wasn't working so i Ate the last .5 that my Friend hadn't taken and washed it down with beer. Well about 20 min, i Started to notice things look a little wierd. Everything was "Dream Like" well, I had a camera so i decided to take a picture, because i was kinda of amused with the whole idea of " a picture taking object " anyways.. As soon as the flash hit my eyes, i started seeing orange shaped Blotches of colour in the sky, At first i didnt know what it was, then after looking harder they morphed into Orange mini-vans, and they would Hop from one tree to another, i was right freaking out, because they were following where i was looking, if i'd go to the left, they would Hop from tree to tree to the left. i'd be screaming and no one knew what i was talking about..so we went for a walk down the street, and i was terrified when i got neer the tree's where i'd seen the van, so i ran as fast as i could across the street. When i looked to my Left i noticed one of those Honda SUVs, and it was orange. i was really confused because Of the color and simular shape as the mini-van, so i started to cry , and i cryed for about what felt like an hour in mush-time. and everytime i saw any kind of van that night i would just cry. i have no idea why..well we kept walking and saw this Kind of tree.. it looked like Cotton candy and we picked some branches and Carried them back to the park. we dropped them because we were tripping on something else, when we realised we dropped them , i went back and got them. when i looked under the branch i noticed some leaves, i thought they had just grown out of no where, so again i started to cry. and well thats pretty much the two things that i tripped hard on, and the occaisonall Moskitoe, bugs and the clouds.
the clouds where nuts,i kept seeing "edd" from Iron maiden and whales, and i thought they were surrounding me.. reminded me or Lord of the rings. i was just right out fucked and cryed over pretty much everything.. lol

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