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first trip=fun shit

I'd like to start out saying that I am a freshmen in college and the town i live in is a great place to trip.

I'd like to start out saying that I am a freshmen in college and the town i live in is a great place to trip. It is in a forest valley next to a big river called the portage, fall colors are amazing here and the trees were just about in full effect. When shrooms came around myself and 3 other friends, C, G, and H decided to trip together. That morning I ate a lite breakfast but didn't hold back on the orange juice, that was all I ate for the rest of the day. I split an 1/8 with h (it was both our first trip) and C and G each got their own but only planned on taking half because the dude we got them from recommended only taking half. We made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in mine and C's dorm room and threw the boomers on. C had a test to take in a hour so he was waiting to eat his until after he was done but the rest of us couldn't wait any longer so down they went. This happened at about 4:30 in the afternoon. We watched some tv while we waited and about a half hour later H was getting a bit restless and said he needed to go outside and have a cig. About 10 minutes later my legs were starting to feel all warm and the good feeling soon spread throughout the rest of my body. Then C left for his test. On his way out I looked down at the carpet and noticed that it was definitely starting to move. I stared for a while longer as the carpet was breathing and swirling about. The wood desks looked like little trails of ants were walking down and rivers were flowing across the wood. I was all of a sudden in the best mood I had ever been in in my entire life. I looked up at G and he had this really worried look on his face. I asked what was wrong and he told me he thought he was having a bad trip. I wanted to help him but as he was saying this, the top corner of his face kept swelling bigger and bigger, then it would go back to normal and I could not stop laughing. I told him to chill here when I went to get H, because we haven't heard from him in a while. I went out back to the picnic table where we smoke cigs and I saw him just sitting there rocking back and forth. When he saw me he was like dude!!!! This is soooooo awesome! I was like I know! So we were went back up to listen to music. G was sitting down and said he was okay he thought, so we threw in some dark side. I sat on the floor and had probably the funnest time ever listening to floyd laughing my ass off at nothing and watching things get weirder and weirder, then all of a sudden C busts in and eats his. We then decided to go for an adventure in the woods. G then decided he was just going to stay back and sleep it off, which was a bummer. Me, C, and H walked down to the river and went to this amazing little beach hangout with a great view. The trees were insane, the whole side of the valley was moving around all crazy as was the debris in the sand. We were surrounded by trees and nature and it was awesome. There are little pools of water in the woods near the beach and the water in them looked neon green. We found a perfect tree to climb so we all 3 climbed up and since it was so huge, we all had a comfortable place to sit. In that tree I felt like all I wanted to do with my life was to help people, I felt like sharing everything and being with the people i loved, it was the first time since I moved to college that I really missed my family. But I was having so much fun with my good buddies I didn't let it bother me. H and I were tripping balls but C said he was barely going so he popped his other half in the tree. He looked ridiculous munching the shrooms in a tree, but then a few hours later we decided to climb down and go back to the dorm to check on G. On the way C really started to trip, he said "the only word that could describe how I see is technicolor...and I don't even know what that means". We got back and G was gone. We thought he went back to his room but a few minutes later he came in out of nowhere and was like I'm back boys! He ended up being okay and we told him everything we did and he told us about his little adventure too. H, G, and I could tell we were coming down and H decided he needed to go drink a little bit so he left to go to a frat. The rest of us didn't want to go to a frat so C, G, and I walked back to the beach, it was now dark and the stars were so incredibly bright that night. C had tripped quite a few times before this and on the way he said this was the hardest he has ever tripped in his life. When we got back down to the beach the stars were out and we just sat in awe and beheld the majesty of life at its best. C finally broke the silence saying that he felt like he was on the same level as God. He couldn't even begin to describe the stuff he was seeing. We sat out at the beach until 1 in the morning talking about life and where we were going after college and weird stuff like that and even though I wasn't really tripping anymore it was still one of the best times of my life. We walked back and I felt exhausted but C was still in another world so he sat up most of the night while I went to bed. My first trip was amazing and I can't wait to shroom again.

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