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First Trip....not too shabby(part 1)


Well...I did it. I finally did shrooms. Me and my two friends, S and K, injested them at around 12 midnight. We each did 4.5gs and they actaully didnt taste that bad. We went back to the party, where we had gotten the shrooms, and by the time we got there, we were already starting to feel the effects. We entered the house and went immidietly downstairs. When i got down there, I saw two couples going at it. One on the couch, beside the pool table. For some reason I thought to myself that, we were too young for that. (This coming from the guy that has been pursuing pussy his enire life). I managed to make it over to the couch and sat down. When i did, i felt like i was a part of the couch. K sat down beside me and we started playing a guitar that was on the ground. We alternated back and forth until we found incredible riffs. Both me and K were looking around when S came over. We all look at one another, then screamed "This is incredible." Everybody looked at us. We didnt stay for too much longer, so we went upstairs, and were on our way out. But first we had to find our shoes.

They all looked the same. Even when i saw my shoes i thought they were someone elses. Finally one of my friends found them for me and i put them on...Even though i didn't think they were mine. K, S, and I started on the 10 minute walk to my house. Whenever they said something, about what they were feeling, all I would say is "I know exactly how you feel." Because i truly did. K felt his fingers and immediately asked for one of us to give him our hands. Being the good friend i am, i did. We both smiled huge smiles because it felt like instead of 10 fingers gripping my hand, it felt like 1000.

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