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first trip... now i love em! go shrooms!

i only tripped once in my life but this spring to summer i should be recieving 10+ ounces!

i only tripped once in my life but this spring to summer i should be recieving 10+ ounces!

anyway heres the story of my first trip which was GREAT! now i wanna start out saying ive dont it all, xtc, acid, weed, k, etc... and all WAY too high of doeses at one point but i found the best thing i have EVER encountered was mushrooms because ur comfortable, trippin balls, and just having the best time of ur life.

my story starts out in garwood, NJ in the summer time of last year (2002) i used to have a problem with drugs in 01 and a lil worse in 02 so i basically would drive to all my friends and spend all of my money on pot and k or whatever they were doing. there is usually 8-12 at a time at this kids house and they allll smoke pot, so i used to join them even though some didnt care for me being there. well one fine day i drove to his house and he says hey im getting shrooms u want some? hes comin now... i said "oooo man Y NOT!!" what a good decision that was! considering all we do is sit around on his porch and go in the backyard and hit the gravity bong... take 2 or 3 hits off that and sit there, maybe remark on someones appearance and laugh it off... stupid stuff.

well while waiting for the shrooms to arive we all walked to the railroad tracks cuz its a TINY town (*small is not small enuf to describe this town) and after about 30 minutes my friend came with the bags of shrooms and said "dont take the whole 1/8th!" but i just put a HUGE grin on and chewed the whole bag up. the other kids not shroomin got hungry and also wanted beer so it was me and 2 of my friends left sitting on these broken chairs by the railroad tracks. we waited and i never read this on any reports but my hands started sweating like there was a faucet turned on in my skin weird but i tried not to let it get me scared. so i got bored and before i knew it i felt wheightless and i was balancing myself on the railroad beams like an idiot which seemed like 3 hours. but i knew it was more like 20 minutes, i still had a slight grip on reality and time. then i sat down and stared at the red rocks that were all around me, i saw stars that formed out of the ground and round things then they jumped up and became 3D! and i just kept saying over and over again "wow, are u seeing this" my friends had only each taken half an eighth so they werent trippin much at all. then 15 minutes later the "group" came back with beer and shyt (EVERYONE underage). we sat in a circle but i was surrounded by all these kids i had never met so i didnt know what to say and they didnt know i was trippin either! so one of my good friends was sitting 2 people away and i COULDNT remmeber his NAME!!! and he doesnt have a normal name! so i couldnt get it confused its like i couldnt think of it AT ALL! my mind was racing yet at the same time it went blank.

anyway after they drank beer (which i dont recommend during ur trip, u could get REAL sick like i almost did), i drank i little bit of a 40 and threw it smashing the bottle by accident. we went walking around town and my friend was sitting on the porch and said FUK THIS im bored as hell wanna go for a ride? he had his mom-mobile which was a 2000 ish SUV, forget the name of it. anyway we drove to some peoples houses then i poked him and said yooooooooooooooooooooo im trippin hardcore! so he said AIGHT, he did 95-100mph on big winding streets and MAN WAS I FLYING! the dash board is lit up all red and leaves a stream even when ur sober wow it was brilliant!

so me and my friend pulled over to this kids house who from that day i swear i didnt know who he was but it turns out the kid was someone ive talked about before but never met... but his house looked weird and it was soooo dark that i couldnt tell who it was, all i remember was that feeling of the beer trying to make its way back up (i have a VERY weak stomach)

later we drove back to garwood and i almost threw up 3 times there and i decided to sit the last hour or 2 of the trip sitting down staring at the concrete floor of one of those tiny creek bridges. it warrbeled and looked INSANE but i was still feeling sick.

then I WILL NEVER EVERR FORGET THIS.... it was late so i was gonna drive home and i got in my lowered integra and put it in reverse and didnt even look back and SLAM! ran right into a parked car... my friends said the car jumped back but NOTHING even got scratched... THANK GOD!

i love shrooms and think they are the most pure thing i have ever done. i dont regret doing them but i regret the k, acid and everything else...

if u never did shrooms ur MISSING OUT!!!! E does not compare!

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