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first trip,surreal

hey guys thanks for takin the time to read about my first trip.

hey guys thanks for takin the time to read about my first trip...i must say it was amazing...i didnt start experimenting w/ marijuana until high school and at first it was all about "getting f'd up" and "blazed off my ass" then i started smoking to understand things, learn meanings and have my own views about the world we all live in. anyway, my friend J came and picked me up after school and we had talked about eating some shrooms that day (friday) so we called up this guy that worked at the ACME and also sold on the side, we picked up a nice 1/8 in aisle 14 then headed on over to our other friend G's house... G stayed sober to keep watch on us to make sure we didnt scrape our arms with a carrot peeler or something :) so we ate the shrooms on our way in, J hated them i thought they were pretty good im a big mushroom fan...we got in the house and his mom was just saying her goodbyes and off to work she went...and off on our trip we went...about 25 minutes later we were beginning to feel a little disappointed, then it hit us...i began to feel all tingly like when your foot falls asleep and ya get all those pins and needles. well they were all over my body and every time i moved they all pinched me all over, so i jumped off the chair and onto a bean bag..LISTEN TO ME, IF YOU TRIP PLEASE HAVE A BEAN BAG CHAIR HANDY! ! ! it was so cuddly and soft and i felt like i could lay there forever, but i had some more tripping to do so i look over at sober G and hes chillin on the couch watching what appeard to be the wayans brothers im not sure, but he was on the couch floating in circles really slow it was awesome...after that i went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror, my eye was falling out of its socket i got scared and raan upstairs to the second floor, while going up the stairs i had this strange feeling like i was in a dollhouse and everything was all toys and i was so small i just kept seeing pictures on the wall of myself and all these people that i knew, i got upstairs and shadowy figures ran across the hall at first it shook me but then i kept walking and layed on G's sisters bed i closed my eyes and and apparition of a small woman appeard she was flying around the darkness of my closed eyes so gracefully i felt as if she were protecting me through this whole thing, i felt completly safe with her, she whispered to me something i couldnt hear it but it must have been about the stairs and the dollhouse and shadows because it made me remember them and i thought that humans were all just toys playing games in a big dollhouse we call earth, it made me wonder who i was and what i wanted, i began to think of everything as statistics and probability...like the prob. of who i have met and who i will meet, and where im going to go its so weird but so awesome, i then was awaken by J G and his sister who came upstairs and turned the strobe light on...i began to come down and just chilled with my friends and had fun in the sstrobe light it was a perfect end to a perfect trip... thanks for reading guys... learn something from your next trip !! let the shrooms take control !
much peace

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