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First trip, very interesting!

Hey everybody, 1st trip report here.

Hey everybody, 1st trip report here....

“S” here, I live in Tipperary, Ireland, and this is my first trip which took place a week ago…..

A lot of planning was involved in this trip.......started organizing about a month before the actual trip...

After listening to so many people telling me about their experiences with this wonderful drug which was bought legally (taxed and all), I decided to investigate.... searched google for 'magic mushroom' information and 'SHROOMERY' came up instantly.

I read loads of trip reports, FAQs, info, forum posts……..basically everything on SHROOMERY, and made a decision….

I rang my buddies back home in Tipperary and asked if they were up for tripping some time soon…..they were.

We decided that the Friday before Halloween was the best time for the experiment (none of us had taken them before, I smoke cannabis regularly, as do my friends, and they also have done Es and Speed.)

28th of October was the set date for tripping, in my friend’s Dad’s house. I bought 4x 30g (fresh) bags of Mexican Cubensis from a headshop on Thursday and got the bus to Tipperary. Once home, I called to my friends house and stayed the night.

We got up early on Friday morning (there were four of us) and started ingesting them first thing at around 9:30am. (my friends Dad was gone to work till about 6pm so we had plenty of time.) It took us about 20mins to eat them all since they were so horrible and juicy and it was first thing in the morning, and we just washed them down with water, caps and stems. We all had about 30g (fresh) each, I’m 19, 2 other guys were 19 and there was one 18 year old. We’re all male, medium build, about 11 or 12 stone weight each.

After the ingestion followed the tension………..I’ve read so much on this website but it still didn’t prepare me……..we were all just dying to find out what exactly happened to you on mushys.

We decided to go for a walk up the mountain at about 10.15am ( my friends house was way up in the mountains, totally secluded from civilisation, pure unaldultered green Irish rolling countryside, bar about 4 houses nearby). My friends “A” and “R” were starting to feel something, but since it was their first time they couldn’t put their finger on what they were feeling. Myself and “G” were still alright.

We walked up a mountain trail till we reached a nice-sized boulder that all of us could comfortably sit on. We faced a valley, which was nicely illuminated by the morning sun. There were two fields across from us in the valley, one had a huge tree right in the middle of it, the other had an old abandoned castle in the middle of it. It was beautiful. Full stop.

We were chatting for a while, kind of forgetting that we took mushrooms less than an hour ago, when I suddenly realised that the ground was made up of so many different bits and pieces………leaves, twigs, stones, mud……...but I ignored it, thinking that my interest in the ground couldn’t be from the mushrooms. I looked around me and noticed that there was a lot more shades of brown and green than usual………..but again I said that it can’t be from the mushrooms, they’re just colours………….

“A” told us that he could see the castle was slowly moving towards him, and we looked up…….it was unreal. The sun was right between the castle and the tree, and it looked like something that Robert Frost would write about. We noticed that our eyesight was enhanced…….we could see almost every blade of grass in the fields, our eyesight was enhanced to super-high resolution. The tree was calling to me, I just wanted to run over to it and chillax in it’s shade, or wander around the castle. There were cows in the field also, which led us to a very funny conversation about how lazy cows are and how little they have to do in their lives, just wander around fields eating grass, which led us to believe that they also must eat the odd magic mushroom, which in turn lead us to believe that all cows are tripping constantly. They looked all cuddly and I just wanted to run over to them and play with them like you would a dog or cat.

“G” started noticing the “breathing” effect that we had read about.

“It begins” he said. He was dead right.

I looked up at “R”, who was leaning against a tree, staring at the amazing view. He looked like he should have been in a painted picture……it’s quite hard to explain………

The row of trees in front of the castle was moving so gently with the wind, which was very cool. The many different shades of autumn-brown were becoming ever so obvious to me.

We sat there for what seemed like ages talking about what each of us were experiencing.

The clouds were totally still, super-bright, and just amazing.

We then noticed a massive grey cloud climbing over the mountain to the right of us, coming straight for us. It was like something out of Lord of the Rings. We decided we should head back to the house. (Irish weather is so unpredictable, better safe than sorry).

The walk back was nice. We went over what just happened and decided that mushrooms were great. “R” saw the trail as a tunnel, which , must have looked cool, but I couldn’t see it, although I did notice (again) that the ground had SO MUCH stuff in it. I study Earth and Ocean Sciences, which entails a lot of geology (rocks n’ shit), and I just looked at all the rocks embedded in the path and wondered where they all came from, what their story was, how they got to their exact position. Then, as we got to the end of the mountain trail to the road that led to my friends house, a BRIGHT RED car passed, which instantly ruined everything. We were back to the real world, no more nature.

Into the house we went, amazed to realise that only less that an hour had passed.

We sunk down into the lovely leather couches and rolled a few weed joints (you NEVER get weed in Ireland, JUST hash. Weed is gold to us, and that week a batch of high grade Amsterdam stuff came into town……..the day was getting better and better). The smoke coming from the joints was making very cool patterns.

Myself and “R” tried to eat some sweets (blackjacks, dunno if you’ve heard of ‘em), but we couldn’t. It felt as if our teeth were part of the candy and were mashing around with it! Crazy! We spat them out into the ashtray.

By the way, we were very giggly and anything was funny to us at this time.
We decided to make some tea (normal tea!) which took us ages. It tasted and smelled like mushrooms, every joint and cigarette also tasted and smelled like mushrooms.

We went outside again, just to the back yard.

It was fecking amazing. It was at least an hour since we had been outside, and we were way more shroomed than earlier. Everything was way more defined. The colours of the trees, grass, flowers, even the walls, were so enhanced. I ran straight back inside to “A”.

“Did you see outside yet”, I asked him.


I just walked back outside. “A” came out after me. The world was just so HUGE. I never knew so many shades of simple colours existed. And the thing is, I wasn’t tripping, every colour I saw was real, just enhanced. “G” was sitting up on his shed, looking at the mountains and trees. I looked around at the trees and mountains and thought “It’s great to be Irish”……..total serenity.

I stood by the shed and couldn’t tell how high up “G” was. It was weird, I just couldn’t gauge it. There was a (VERY) red rose in the garden in the middle of a bush which just stood out so obviously. It was as if it was shouting “Look at me I’m massive and red!”. Nice.

Everything looked painted, watercoloured, like it should have been be in a picture. We walked around a field in circles, just chillin out, bein’ hippies, enjoying the world and the company around us…….it was fantastic.

I pulled a joint from my ear that I had forgotten about. We headed for “G”’s camper van out front and sparked up.

It was so cosy inside there, as it had started raining heavily, and we just chilled out on the little beds and couches in the van. I was mesmerized by a glass of water on the table. The light shining through it was so sharp and was making awesome effects. “A” and “G” were tripping off a shoe. Dunno how, but they said it was wobbling all over the place or something.

I went to pass the joint and waved it around in my hand, and it looked like it was moving at a very slow frame-rate…..I’d move it to the left and right and it would leave a short trail, like I was watching it at about 3 frames per second. Cool.

We couldn’t believe what happened to time when you’re on mushrooms. We felt like the day had gone, but looked at our watches and only a couple of hours had passed.

For about two seconds I had a weird thought that the trip might last forever and I’d never get out of it, but I just said to myself that I had taken a drug and the effects would be gone in a few hours.

Myself and “R” went back to the house to make tea (again, normal tea, no mushies) for everyone. What an adventure. It was pouring rain outside, so we ran as quick as we could to the house. I felt so light when I was running, like a wisp of air, it was great.

It took us sooooo long to make the tea. We couldn’t’ figure out if the milk was gone off, so “R” gave it a sniff…………”I can’t tell” he said. All he could smell was mushrooms. We poured a bit into a glass to see if there were any lumps in it. Swished it around, had a look…….couldn’t tell. “R” took it off me and gave it a sip…….swished it around in his mouth for a while……then proceeded to down the whole glass. I waited for an answer………….”I can’t tell!”. A laughing fit followed. We just decided to use the milk with the tea anyways.

Cups in hand, we decided to go back to the lads with the tea, but couldn’t decide whether to go out the front or back door……we picked the back for some reason. The camper was right outside the front.

Back into the rain and into the van we went. Every thing was even more colourful than before.

When we got back into the van, we checked the time. Myself and “R” were only gone for 10 minutes. It felt waaaaay longer than that.

After the tea was drank, we got bored of the van and decided to go back inside. On our way back in we were stopped in our tracks by a huge bunch of flowers. We stood in the rain for a couple of minutes, just staring at them, talking about all the colours we could see. Blue, red, pink, purple, green, white,……..awesome.

We took one last look at our beautiful surroundings, the mountains, trees, fields, clouds, and went into the house and flopped onto the huge leather couches. It was so nice, the rain and wind smashing at the windows just made me feel so warm.

“A” was talking to me but I found it hard to concentrate on what he was saying ‘cos the curtains behind him were waving like lava. And the window wasn’t open…….

The mirror on the wall had a tribal wooden frame, which was shifting like crazy.

We threw on the TV and decided to watch Cat in the Hat on skymovies. That film is definitely not made for kids….at all. Trippy as fuck.

“A” called me over to a painting on the wall. It was a village with a few people fishing and wandering around. The people and trees seemed to stand out in 3d, and the clouds were moving right in front of my eyes. I watched the clouds moving behind the mountain I the picture with my own two eyes, I couldn’t believe it.

Went back to the sitting room and the lads were after putting Snatch on. What a movie. Who thought of casting Brad Pitt as an Irish gypsy????? Dunno, but it sure was a great idea. He acted it perfectly.

The effects started to wear off towards the end of the film, but I would still catch the odd ‘blip’ on the walls or curtains.

By the time “G”s dad came back at 5, we were right as rain. His dad cooked us cocktail sausages and chips (fries!), which tasted like heaven, cause all we had all day were mushrooms and tea. And a sweet.

I didn’t do much thinking while high, I was just talking and laughing too much. I’d feel my mind trying drag me into the depths of my soul to play with it, but I said I’d leave the philosophical stuff for a later trip, but I did come to the realisation that I was a sensible guy when looking in the mirror. I can resist peer pressure very well, taking mushrooms was my own well researched descision(if I had a cent for every time I was offered free speed, ecstasy…..) I’ve never done anything other than cannabis, now mushrooms, and alcohol (seriously though, I have to drink alcohol, I’m Irish, ‘tis in me blood), and I don’t plan to take any more drugs, though I might take a shot of heroin on my deathbed since I’ll have nothing to lose.

I will be taking them again, but I’ll need a break from the madness, maybe about a month or two, ‘till New Years. I’d like to try them at night next time, as I’ve heard it’s more trippy due to shadows and geneal darkness.

If you’ve gotten this far, thanks for reading and I shall be back again soon. Adios.

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