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First Trip, Very Fun

Well I had never done any before, but my friend said that he had got some so I bought a 1/2.

Well I had never done any before, but my friend said that he had got some so I bought a 1/2. I am 250 lbs, 6'2. I ate 1/8. I ate 2 sloppy Joe sandwiches and some mac and cheese for dinner. I ate the shrooms at 7:30. I was at a friends house when I ate them, and made my friends leave right away, so that when I got to my next friends house I wouldn't already be tripping. I got to my other friends house in 20 minutes. We sat on his cold patio, I sat on a chair, while they sat on a floor. After 10 more minutes we didn't think they would work, and the mushrooms tasted GOOD, which is why I thought they were fake. We were talking about how I was gana get the shit beat out of me for selling some to my friend. He would have killed me, literally. I couldn't stop laughing though. Even at stupid comments, I would laugh hard, and for minutes. Then they started to ask me if I could feel it. I told them how I felt, and they said wow, you paid $90 to feel like a pregnant bitch. (I had stomach pain, back hurt, was hungry, and had to keep pissing) Anyways Matt who was happy I was going to get beat up because he bought some from me left.

40 minutes later we went in the house. My friend was waving his hand at me, real close in my face. I knew I was tripping then because his hand was really blurry. He chased me out of his dads room, and when we got in the kitchen his dad walked in. His dad is a huge black muscular guy, that doesn't let anyone in his house ever, and beats the fuck out of my friend with metal objects. Anyways he was pretty calm, but me and Alex sat on the couch. His dad started to yell at him for us making indents in the couch. His little brother was playing video games. The lights coming off of it was cool. (it was some shooter I never say before). I closed my eyes and relaxed, and then I started to notice the objects in my head. There were lines of stuff, and tubes with letters and numbers running all over the place. I was so happy it was real stuff. I just relaxed for like 2 hours until his dad left and made us leave to. The cool thing was that it felt like I was sinking into my own body. It was amazing. When we left I was staring at the sky which was all blurry.

A couple minutes later we went back in, and then we sat on the patio again. I was tripping pretty hard, and I didn't know if I was dreaming or not. All of a sudden I panic ed because I thought I was dreaming, and had just fell asleep on the couch, but I couldn't wake up. I got up against the wall, and relaxed and asked them if I was dreaming. They just looked confused. Then I sat down. I couldn't really lift my arms, I was falling back into my body again, and my arms felt very very heavy. Then they took my wallet, and ordered pizza. I didn't eat any, but they kept telling me I did. When they would try to tell me something, and I had to concentrate, I really couldn't remember what they had just told me. Anyways Alex left soon, at 11:15. I stayed until 12:00 when my trip just about was over. I ran the whole way home (3 miles) and didn't really realize I was running. I got in my house, and the wood was all glowing orange inside my house. My mom was awake. She looked at my eyes but didn't say anything, I don't think she notice. I walked around, but it felt like I was alive in 3rd Person. The whole night I really had no idea of time. I didn't know what day it was either. I couldn't remember. I was really fun. I fell asleep at 3:00am. Then I got up at 8, and went to work. I wasn't really tired, and actually I was much more talkative, and it was a good day at work.

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