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First trip, pretty intense

My first time tripping off shrooms just happend less than a week ago.

My first time tripping off shrooms just happend less than a week ago. I had already, i think, 3 times split an 8th with another person and never fully tripped. So when i told my college roommate mike that, he said we had to do them. I said ok and he told me his friend back home could get us a half ounce for 100 so we went 50/50.
Mike got them on saturday and brought them back to the apartment on monday. we had to sit on them until wednesday because thursday was when mike had no classes. little bastard didnt even care that i did the next day. anyway, all day in school i was thinking about how the trip was going to be. i was so anxious and scared and excited all at the same time.
when i got home, mike was there waiting and we got the show on the road. it was 12.45 and put 1 of our 8ths into a peanut and butter sandwich. we each put one 8th in the sandwich and ate them up. i turned on jay and silent bob and watched that waiting for the trip to come on. about 3/4 through the movie i started to have closed eye visuals, mostly patterns and a little bit of a body high. the movie ended and mike said ' lets smoke ' so he gave me a half a gram to roll up. i rolled the joint for like 5 minutes, me and mike couldnt stop laughing.
before we sparked the joint, i had noticed that the walls were moving in and out a little bit and knew that this was normal from reading so many trip reports. mike sat down next to me and we smoked the joint. i took deep hits and totally forgot about the shrooms we had taken. then after i had taken my last hit off the joint, i felt the shrooms kick in my stomach. i immediately shot up from the couch and said ' whoaaaaaaaaa ' i walked into the kitchen and got myself somethin to drink.
i told mike that my trip was coming on and he said his was too and we started looking at these art books that he had. the pictures looked so amazing. they had a whole bunch of lines in each picture and when you looked at them they would dance and move. i kept thinking it was a joke book and the pictures would be moving if i wasnt tripping. mike assured me it was because of the shrooms, and i was just amazed. i started to feel my mind want to expand, but i wouldnt let it. i told mike that i could go ' way the fuck out there ' and he told me to. i didnt though because i was scared for some reason, of what, i dont know.
i started to get antsy sitting there and said i was going to listen to some music in my room. i stumbled my way into the bathroom to look at myself. when i did, i saw my pupils start to open and close to about the size of a quarter and then a penny. my hair was waving from side to side on my head and so was my body. thats when i looked away and walked into my room. now, mike told me to turn my cell phone off and not to talk to people online while i was trippin. of course i didnt listen and turned on my cell phone. the text was melting and moving from side to side while i was looking at it. i managed to sign on aim and talked to a friend of mine, as well as my father who was online. the patterns and colors i saw on the computer screen were fucking amazing. tribal rainbow colors and everything. i turned on led zeppelin 'whole lotta love' and just spaced out in the music. some other stuff i listened to was pink floyd's ' time ' which was also amazing. i got freaked out in the room by myself because i saw patterns everywhere. i yelled to mike ' how are you feeling ' and he said ' greatttttttttttt'
i walked out into the other room to talk to mike because i was kind of freaking out. he told me to sit down and that it was okay. this made me nervous and i lit up a cigarette. it felt like air, and i smoked about 4 one after the other. i got some water for myself and sat right back down watching the tv and talking to mike. then one of my other roommates, chris, walked into the apartment. now chris is 40 years old,but is retarded because he was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital after a motorcycle accident in 1984. he was in a coma for a month and then came out to be okay, but a little slow.
mike had told him that we were doing the shrooms that day and not to fuck with us. the whole time chris was in the room i was getting nervous. i finally couldnt take it anymore and said to him ' chris can you please go in the other room, you're scaring me. ' he said ok and then walked away. i got extrememly nervous after this, i dont know why. i wanted the trip to end but thinking that only made it worse. i sat on the couch doing the same routine: take a drag of the cigarette, sip of water, breathe. over and over i did this. i tried playing final fantasy 10 for playstation2 but this game only displayed even more patterns. everywhere i looked there was patterns, and everything was moving, i felt like i was gettin swallowed up by everything. i got up and started pacing. i walked into the kitchen and everything in there looked like it was in a wind tunnel and was moving from side to side and bending. i felt like i was going to pass out at this time and i said to mike ' talk to me mike, tell me everything is going to be okay '
mike told me ' im ok, just sit down and be calm ' i sat down and he started talking about anything to keep my mind grounded. i cant even remember what we talked about for that time, but i do remember talking about our faulty showerhead and why the water changes temperature so drasticly.
i started feeling better after a few more minutes of talking. we turned on the tv and i decided to get my drumsticks for some reason. when i got those in my hands everything stopped and i felt normal again, only extremely calm. i felt like i had a deeper understanding about everything, it was absolutely beautiful.
that was my first full trip on mushrooms,and i enjoyed it, except for the last hour of paranoid thought. me and mike still have another 8th left and we're planning on doing them in the oncoming weeks. i will be glad to inform you how that trip goes.

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