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First trip, possibly the best experience of my life - Dusty W

There was about 8 of us planning to trip the night it all happened.

There was about 8 of us planning to trip the night it all happened. Only 3 of them had done shrooms before but it was my maiden voyage. I had really been looking forward to experiencing a new reality so the anxiety build up before was unbelievable. We chewed up about 2 grams apiece at about 8:00 pm and held each bite in our mouth for about 40 seconds. They arent that bad, similar to pistachios. Then we waited.
We sat down to watch The Big Lebowski and wait for our trip to begin. About 30 minutes passed by and I began to think that nothing was going to happen and about that time a firework went off in the movie and it jumped out of the screen at me. It felt as if I was hovering a few inches off the ground. I continued to watch the movie with some visuals caused by the movie but I would get destracted by the carpet, it would move in waves and form aztec patterns on the floor.
Well I decided to get up and go outside so me and a couple friends went outside and we smoked a bowl. We then decided to wantder around my buddies gi-normous back yard. The night was bright and every star seemed to be shining. I started to spin in circles with increasing speed and the others followed suit. It felt as if I was standing still but the rest of the world was spinning ever faster around my body. We stopped spinning but the everything kept revolving around me. It finally stopped and we turned around to go inside and four of our friends were there in a line watching us. This really freaked us out for some reason and we ran from them. The then followed us to see what was wrong but we felt they were chasing us. We ended up huddled in the corner of his yard crying together in fear. It then dawned on us that we were just tripping so we all went back inside.
I dont know if you have ever seen The Big Labowski but its a trippy ass movie. I came in on about the last 15 minutes and was absolutely dumbfounded. When the movie was over I wanted to go to a park that was nearby so another friend of mine that was tripping agreed to go. This was the most profound and enjoyable experience of the night. My friend who wasnt tripping agreed to take us in his 56 Chevy Belair. Well the combination of the drivers wardrobe, overall apearance, and the period car we were riding in was needless to say exceptional. We both felt as if we had stepped from our own time into the fifties and we were riding around with some crazy guy wearing a baret. Everything was in black and white except the white had a pinkish tint. When we arrived at the park it was to scary to get out so we had him take us back home. The car ride was amazing.
When we arrived back we all decided to smoke another bowl and when doing so we noticed that his entire neighborhood looked as if it was a miniature model and we were in it, similar to the town in Beatle Juice. Then a car drove by and we all freaked out and ran inside. When returning inside we put on some Jimi Hendrix and turned out the lights and flicked on the blacklights. I was entranced and laid on the floor in a skewed body position. I felt as if I was hovering above myself looking down on myself. An out of body experience have you. It was crazy. After Hendrix we listened to about half of Zepplin four and I went outside and discussed anomolies of the universe with a friend. We returned to the house and a couple people had left and everyone else was on the floor or somewhere under a blanket.
I figured this to be a good idea so i went off and found the biggest blanket that I could muster, then crashed on the couch. We were listening to the American Beauty soundtrack which is a must now for shrooming. It was amazing. We fooled around with some photon lights and christmas ornaments for a while and then settled back to American Beauty. I thought it was the most amazing music I had ever heard, and quite possible it is. We finally were taken by sleep at about 4:30 a.m. thus our trip lasted about 8 and a half ours before we went to sleep.
Tripping was the most amazing thing I've done as of yet, and I recommend it to everyone, will keep you posted on future trips.

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