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First Trip, Great and Inspirational time.

Hey Guys First order of business, here's my specs: Weight:145 Age:17 Gender:male Height: 5'9 Well, It was a saturday night last weekend and I had finally got my friend (a) to try shrooms with me for the first time.

Hey Guys First order of business, here's my specs:
Height: 5'9

Well, It was a saturday night last weekend and I had finally got my friend (a) to try shrooms with me for the first time. So I found a chill place for the day at a good friend's (b) house, and had him watch us and make sure we weren't out of control.

So me and friend a split a quarter of some blue caps(baked in chocolate) and split it and ate them around 4:00 P.M. The chocolate was pretty good, it did have a certain after taste I could have done without. So anyways we downed 3.5 grams each (first time).But, it doesn't matter because ill be trippin soon :) So while me and friend a are waiting for the shrooms to kick in, I put on my favorite music to chill to. Which consisted of~

~Pink FLoyd- wish you were here
~pink Floyd- dark side of the moon
~Radio head- Amesiac (this is amazing)
~Of a revolution- Any time now (2 disc0
~311- dont tread on me
~of a revolution- personal mix
~Ect. I plugged my ipod into his computer also(on radom)

So after getting that out of the way (Yes, music is ALWAYS important.) Me and my two friends packed a couple of fat bowls and passed it around for like 30 minutes. Afterwards, we both were just chilling and listening to some good music, and feeling good.

I had read up before I bought the shrooms and said eatig before wasn't the best idea, so i went on an empty stomach.
Around 5:15 P.M. I look over at friend a and ask him how hes doin, he said his stomach felt funny, and I was experiencing the same feeling. Not like a nausea, but just uncomfortable. Friend b (big shroomer) just told us the weird feeling wouldn't last long.

So at about 5:45 P.M. I started to feel "floaty" or just good all over. Like a glow of warmth pread through my body.
I was kinda anxious to see what the effects were, so I got up and stated walking around. After I got up i felt a bit light headed (stoned feeling) and looked around, still felling pretty sober. Friend a got up and started to walk around his room too.

It was around 6:00 when I started to feel some of the effects. So, friend b said lets go for a walk. All of us put our shoes on and headed outside. Friend b lives near a bunch of nature trails, so we wen't and walked some of them. As we were walking, the sun was setting, and I could see like an aura of colors surrounding the horizon and sun in a ring formation(beatiful). I looked over at friend a and tapped him on the shoulder, he looked over and gasped. We found some rocks to chill on and I was really starting to feel the effects of theese shrooms.As we were sitting there I felt there was a nagging "somethng" that I forgot to do. Like a weird unsettling feeling.It got so frustrating so I packed another bowl, and forgot about it.

I looked as though someone was putting a magnifying galss in front of my eyes, as I was seeing patterns in everything i looked at, like geometric shapes and colors. I remeber getting up and waving my hand through the air, changing colors and shapes of everything around me. It was like I had been given super powers. I could see whatever i wanted to with my mind. It was around 6:45 when we started back. the wind in my face felt sooooo good, it gave me a tingling sensation everywhere. Everything was so bright and colorful.

I remeber it taking SO long to get back to his house, and when we did i was so glad. I pulled off my shirt and shoes and laid back on the couch. When i fell back i remeber looking up and seeing the stippiling on the ceiling morphing and melting together, and ripiing on my body. At one point the melting celing was attached to my body and I felt like part of everything around me. It was like everything fit together or made sense. I closed my eyes and just relaxed for a delicate few.

Looking over at friend a, he was in front of a mirror just staring into it, i laughed, and tried to say something like "what are you doing", but i just mumbled something.
Then shine on you crazy diamond came on and i remeber the sound coming alive and going through me, like water or a wave. I could smell noise and taste words. I was having the time of my life!

I looked over at the clock and it read 7:13 P.M. I remeber that time very well for some reason. SO i started to walk around in his house. As i walked down the hall, the hall started to bend kinda and the carpet had like waves running through it like the ocean. apparently my friend didn;t notuce me leaving or something, but he grabbed my arm and pulled me back into the room. Since friend b wasnt tripping he pulled out a joint and started smoking. I remeber the joint leaving red trails as he drummed to the music. I watched this the entire time. The fan in my face was like a refreshment from the energy warming me up inside.

Later around 9:00 P.M. I started to decline, still hulucinating, just not as strong. I was seeing colors still

Ill continue tommorow, i gotta catch some shut eye.

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