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first trip with my boyfriend

ive always been pretty interested to see what would happen while on mushrooms.

ive always been pretty interested to see what would happen while on mushrooms.. My boyfriend and his friends have done them a bunch of times and he asked if i would.. so i did... it was something i never imagioned... you can try to picture what it would be like but untill you do it youll never fully understand. We were at my friends house and it was a big house with plenty of places to wonder off too. i first started feeling like my arms and legs were like rubber and i sat down trying to talk to the otehr kids there and broke out into histerical laughter. we decided to go for a walk through the yard and i saw plants growing out of his patio.. Sitting up on a hill it looked like we were sitting on top of the world. There were so many crazy things going on .. i completely forgot about anyone else i felt like we were the only two people on earth.. As the night progressed i had crazy visuals. .. like smoke in the floor tiles and bugs everywhere.. probably having to do with being outside., but they werent regular bugs bigger ones making louder noises... my friends house has thsi great wall paper and it looks like a bookshelf but its just the wall.. it looked so real and in that same room is all animal print it felt like you were on a safari.. i had these revolutions with in myself and about everyone that was there.. i had a strong sense of love and companionship with all of the people there, they were already good friends but alot of things felt like they came together.. ive honestly never had that crazy of a night. my boyfriend hugged me and let go and it felt like he took off all of my clothes or like a weight was lifted from me i felt 10 pounds lighter .. it was so weird.. all and all it was great. great way to end the summer with good friends before leaving for college...

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