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First Trip was bad, and now have flashbacks when smoke weed.

hey, i am new to this forum, but i thought i would submit my trip report to see what u guys think.

hey, i am new to this forum, but i thought i would submit my trip report to see what u guys think. this is gonna be really hard to explain, but ill try. well i have been wanting to do shrooms for awhile, and when i got the chance to go it, i took it. it was a couple friends and i at an abandonned house near my house. we all took a couple (except the driver of the vehicle), and we then smoked a couple bowls of weed. we were driving around for awhile just doing stupid shit. the weed was starting to kick in. we met up with some friends, and were just hanging out outside near a forest. i soon noticed that my nose felt really funny, and i couldnt stop itching it. when i was walking around with one of my friends looking at the forest, i saw my first visual effect of the shrooms. i was an animated tree sticking out of the forest (kinda like something in harry potter...if that makes sense). i was laughing alot when i saw this, and very excited as of what else i would see. we soon left our friends, and were back in the car. we had to drop off one of my friends at his house, and on the way there i saw a little action figure hanging on the rear antenna, i soon started laughing at this too. we were finally at my friends house and he left the car. my friends asked me if i wanted to go home, and i said no because i was fearing that my parents would know i was messed up, and i was also having too much fun. so now we were on are way to another one of my friends house to check if it got 'TP'd' because he was in a different state at the time. as we were parked outside his house, things started taking a turn for the worst. (this is the hard part to explain) when ever i moved, it felt like i was waking up from a deep sleep, and everything that happened up to that point was a dream, and when i moved the other way to my left, and it again felt like i was waking up from a deep sleep and me waking up was in my dream. this happened for about 2 mins which scared the absolute SHIT out of me!i then tryed to close my eyes, but found it extremely hard to fall asleep because i saw many figures when i closed my eyes. these figures would be triggered by a noise or sound i would hear. i then told my friends that i was having a bad trip all of a sudden and i wanted them to take me home, and they said ok. as of this point once the waking up from the sleep part stoped happening, time would replay! this was scared me also! every 3 or 4 seconds, everything would stop including noises and visions, and then replay. they would replay anywhere between 1-4 times. i was trying to re-assure myself that this trip would be over soon, and that i just need to lay down. i kept asking them to change the song and turn the raido off because it would just keep replaying, and when they were laughing that would replay too. i even had to look at the street in the car to assure myself that time is not replaying, but as i did that, the street would all of a sudden stop, and then replay. as soo as i got home, i tryed to go to sleep in my bed, but i couldnt do it because everytime i moved, it would keep happening many many times, and felt really weair and unpleasent. when i closed my eyes, it looks like a visual from windows media player! it was crazy! i then sat up and looked at my room, and i saw 2 pictures or my room. i didnt know which one was real and which one was fake. i had to clentch my sheets to see which one was real. i then regained my correct vision. i was just about to get up and go downstairs and try and sleep down there, but when i looked at my door, i saw the door about a 100 feet away. i got up anyway and went downstair freaking out on the emotionally, i tryed to watch TV for a little bit to calm me down, but the TV just kept flashing black and then going back to the channel.i soon turned off the tv and tryed to sleep on my couch. everytime my legs touched together, or when i had a blanket on it felt like i was drowning!!similar to when i was trying to sleep in my bed. i then began to lay on the floor, and close my eyes. this was better because i wasnt feeling like time was replaying anymore, but i just saw visuals when i closed my eyes. it was like i could see without my eyes being open, and then thats when things would change, like the walla dripping paint, and things flipping and getting inverted colors, ect.. i then went back to my couch. things were starting to get better, but i just saw INSANE things when i closed my eyes. my brother soon got home, and i tryed to get up and greet him, but i couldnt move for the fear of time replaying again. he then tryed to get on the computer that was in the same room. i kept repeditly asking him not to get on it please, but he didnt listen at first, and he started to get pissed and yelling at me. i kept repeating my words to him (can you please just not get on the computer now, please? can you please just not get on the computer now, please? can you please just not get on the computer now, please?) and he kept saying 'why are you repeating your sentences, whats wrong with you?'. i soon told him to just leave me alone, he finally listened. i stayed on the couch for about 2 hours, just trying to cope with the images i saw. and kept re-assuring myself that it would be over soon. the only thing that kept me from freaking out was just thinking about posting a forum on this site, and gettin advice from you guys and your input. i was so scared that i was about to tell my parents about what i have done, but i decided that it wasn't worth it. the trip then started to die down. i went back upstairs once i was back to normal (i took them at about 9 pm, and the trip ended at about 12:30). i was afraid to go to sleep, so i just watched a couple movies. i soon fell alseep, and waking up worrying about my health.
*i forgot to add that the shrooms didnt kick in till about like 10, i was taking more and more like a dumbass because i wasn't feeling anything.

this was my first trip, please put in your input if it is normal.

**P.S. whenever i smoke weed now, i get flashbacks like i am on shrooms. these flashbacks last about 3 hours (bout the same as the weed) but these flashbacks are JUST like being on shrooms, i see things when i close my eyes, and time was replaying a little bit, but not nearly as bad as when i was on the actual mushrooms.(this trip was 10000000 times better than the last one, because it wasnt as bad externally, but internally i saw SOOOO many insane things that just blew my mind, when i was listening to the band yellowcard in my friends car).

-When i had my first trip on the actual shrooms, was about 2 or 3 months ago.

-I had my flashback about 2 weeks ago (when i had the flashback, i smoked like 4 or 5 joints in a circle of like 7 people, in a bathroom with all the doors closed, and the shower on hot so it would steam (called a jamacain waterfall)

are these flashbacks normal? or is there anything i can do to get rid of them? and is my brain or any other part of my body damaged from this?

p.s. i am about to do shrooms again in about 2 weeks, do you think this is ok? or should i not do it...?

Thank you very much for listening to me, and please put in some feedback.

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