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First trip very nice

This was my first time ever with psilocybin.

This was my first time ever with psilocybin...I bought an
1/8 and wanted to try a little for the night so I ate
something like 3 stems and a cap. I went to a friends house
and watched a movie after eating these and a little into it
I started to feel stoned. It was a different feeling than
weed...somehow more grounded...I noticed the walls around me
and the carpet looking warped and moving a bit in strange
patterns and the lights seemed to dim. I enjoyed this till
the movie was over then my friend drove me home. When I got
home I turned on my computer and all of a sudden out of the
corner of my eye I noticed the window shades seem to open in
a kind of mouth shape movement almost like it was talking to
me. Very strange and pleasant. I went up to my room to try
and sleep but I couldn't and time there seemed to drone on.
I plan to eat a lot more next time. Shrooms are definitely
my drug of choic

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